Cloned Tyrone starring John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonah Parris is all set to be released on Netflix, and here are the latest details on the film.

After the completion of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, John Boyega continued to work on a number of projects, including the charming crime thriller Candid Synapse and his Golden Globe-winning performance in the mini- 2020 Small Ax series.

He continued to make excellent films this year alone, including the historical action drama The Woman King and the suspense drama Breaking. The next film on his resume is the upcoming sci-fi thriller They Cloned Tyrone on Netflix, which will mark a break from his previous appearances.

On September 24, 2022, the initial teaser was revealed as part of Netflix’s TUDUM celebration. Boyega, Teyonah Parris, and Jamie Foxx all appear at the start of the story, which takes place inside an elevator.

Despite having guns, Parris and Foxx’s characters enjoy a funny moment when they start singing “I’m Goin’ Down” by Mary J. Blige.

The three are then seen entering a research facility, which is simply the tip of a much larger conspiracy involving experiments, kidnapping, and monitoring that’s putting a Black community at risk.

The narrative promises some big chuckles along the line with the interaction of the three leads, in addition to the somber issue at the center of the film.

They are cloned Tyrone Cast Members and Release Date

They Cloned Tyrone
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Jamie Foxx, an Oscar winner best known for his roles in Ray, Django Unchained, Baby Driver, and other films, is among the other two lead actors in the film. Foxx portrays Slick Charles, a sex broker and friend of Fontaine.

Teyonah Parris could play Yo-Yo, Charles’ elite sex agent, as the latest actor. Parris is well known for her work on Netflix’s Dear White People and Friday night lights Mad Men. She will even be appearing in the upcoming movie Candyman and the Disney+ series WandaVision.

An uncommon trio explores a series of disturbing events in this pulp sci-fi mystery caper, which leads them to discover a sinister plot right under their noses. Fontaine, a local drug dealer, is shot by competitor Isaac and is later shocked to find himself unhurt when he wakes up in his bed the next day.

He begins to research the incident with Slick Charles and Yo-Yo, and their investigation ultimately takes them to a large underground complex where a government-backed facility is conducting trials on the local Black inhabitants.

Summaries of the wider story say that Fontaine, a drug dealer in the village, will be killed by his competitor before the primary mystery of They Cloned Tyrone begins. But the next morning, Fontaine wakes up in his bed rather than stay dead.

Fontaine, Slick Charles, and Yo-Yo begin to investigate this strange occurrence as a result, and their investigation takes them to an industrial bunker where a doubtful governmental organization is conducting experimentation on the Black population.

They Cloned Tyrone will be released on Netflix on December 30, 2022.