Bake Off Updates: Fans of the acclaimed cooking show The Great British Baking Show (aka Bake Off ) likes the clan that connects between its candidates. The energy of the games from its hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas.

And the piercing blue eyes of the judge Paul Hollywood stuck fear in the contestants. But, Bake Off’s most significant influence would be to usher in a new era of baking.

The Rise of Bake Off

The release of Bake Off contributed to a flood of interest in baking. And obviously, fans certainly try the new recipes at home. But, it’s harder to find the precise utensils, and bakeware used in the show.

Mainly as a result of the Bake Off production crew censoring the logos. They also deliberately position the camera to hide the brand names of the devices. However, there’s one thing that famous fans instantly noticed – the iconic Mason Cash ceramic bowl.

The Iconic Mason Cash Ceramic Bowl

Any Bake Off watcher can clearly recognize Mason Cash’s iconic ceramic mixing bowls from the set. These exquisite, pastel-hued basic bowls often become the focus when the cameras zoom in on whatever mix the competitors are working on. For the same reason, they’ve had a distinctive place in British kitchens for over a century.

Bake Off
Image Source: The Sun

First made in 1901, Mason Cash mixing bowls are made of chip-resistant material that is robust enough to keep going for years to come. They are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and colours.

There are even options made explicitly for huge stand mixers.

Bake Off is not the only TV show where you can see these bowls either. Former judge Dame Mary Berry also used it Mary Berry every day to make her delicious salmon.

The bowls were even featured when Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George joined together last Christmas to make four puddings for the cause at a charity event.

Where to Buy These Bowls

These bowls are as traditionally British as a cup of Yorkshire tea or a shepherd’s pie. While they settled on the corner store, we discovered them online at,, and

They come in numerous sizes that change in price. Since the mystery is out, the stock will no doubt sell out soon. Get them while you still can!

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