Liz Tigelaarwho also worked on Little Fires Everywhere, adapted Cheryl Strayed’s book Tiny Beautiful Things for television.

A writer named Clare, portrayed by Kathryn Hahnwho struggles with her issues, becomes an advice columnist in this comedy-drama.

In the epilogue, Clare confronts her violent father for the first time after years of silence, while flashbacks show her looking for her brother so they can call their dying mother. It’s a touching ending that correctly completes the series.

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Beautiful Tiny Clothes
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Danny revisits the therapist’s office in one of the after-hours epilogues. Whether Danny was having an affair with Mel’s therapist was never made clear by the show, and in this case, we do not even get any concrete proof to back up the claim, but it’s strongly indicated that , at least, both are going too far.

Finally, Clare dreams of having the opportunity to say goodbye to her mother in the last minutes. It is a moving and emotional conclusion.

Clare’s previous regrets have influenced her entire existence, but now she is emotionally ready to let those regrets go and at last say goodbye. Hopefully, Clare can move on with her life, proud of her writing achievements and the reunion with Rae.

The reason Clare ignores her father?

Beautiful Tiny Clothes

She is distraught when Clare discovers that her brother Lucas has welcomed his violent father back into his life.

Lucas claims that their father has changed, is now sober, and has avoided foreclosure on their family home.

On the other hand, Clare still has problems forgiving him for the physical and mental violence he did to their mother.

On top of that, their father now owns the house that meant so much to them, making it worse. In flashbacks, we see Frankie, Clare’s mother, dying of cancer and being treated in a hospital.

Clare searches frantically for Lucas so they can say goodbye to their dying mother together. But by the time they go to the hospital, their mother is already dead, so it is too late.

She is bitter that she did not get an opportunity to say goodbye and holds Lucas accountable for her, causing a persistent rift between them.

Clare, recalling the loss of her mother and the time she spent with Lucas spreading her ashes, advises Dear Sugar’s e-mail to at all times put love first. She reunites with Rae and mends their connection by taking her to a horse pasture in the present.

In a poignant scene, Clare ultimately manages to shake off her past regrets and move on with her life as she dreams of saying goodbye to her mother. Clare can begin a new chapter thanks to her literary success and budding romance.