Netflix he did an exquisite job bringing us films from all over the world. One such film that I personally found interesting was ‘Togo’.

It follows the life of the eponymous character on several levels and shows that despite everything that may seem apparent, there are often many more dimensions to him that other people choose to disregard.

Mental health is a prominent theme in the film as we follow the struggles of Mercedes, Togo’s daughter – Yena, and Togo itself. The arcs of these characters, which focus on their struggles, recognizing them, and then actively fixing whatever is wrong, have been handled with great sensitivity and detail.

What makes Togo such a terrific character?

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Togo recognizes the mistakes it made in its past and repents for them. For his own daughter he couldn’t save her from her demons, he dedicates himself to breaking the ice with Mercedes and helping her get her life on the right track as she continues to struggle with depression.

He was once a boxer and he still possessed the fighting spirit that refused to let him down for anything and anyone. So naturally, when faced with dangerous tasks, Togo doesn’t hesitate as he was not when faced with imminent danger at the hands of the goons who tried to burn his “corner”.

Togo consistently helps those he considers friends and in reality, even goes as far as to treat them like family.

What can we take from the film?

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It is the story of a man who had accepted his situation as bad cards dealt in life, only to realize that he was not ready to be pushed around after all. He was going to play his hand to the better of his abilities. He deserved better and was able to fight for it.

In the end, he is in a position to mend bridges he once thought he had burned to a crisp and move on to Mercedes, who is better because he recognized Togo.

It is a crisp and clean film with a simplicity that proves to be its greatest strength. It’s a good movie and despite its gritty nature, it makes for a straightforward watch.