Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236: Until now 235 chapters of Tokyo Revengers have been released which had many emotional fans. The audience loved the part when they were all saying goodbye to Draken-Kun. The animated story Tokyo Revengers was created by Ken Wakui’s became famous after the publicity of Liden Film’s who also gave clarity on the release of Christmas Showdown Arc.

Let’s Collect The Story We Know From The Previous Chapter

Takemichi stayed at the hospital and Toman went there to meet him and thanked them for the help that took care of the Draken until now. They promised that they would help him until the end and even felt bad for whoever was not available to them with him and everybody there found out that Takemichi was the person who was hurt a lot. He decided to fight alone and asked everybody there including Hina to leave him alone. But Hina was not ready to leave him alone rather than hugging him tightly and told him to cry her heart out and he followed her.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers officials have confirmed that chapter 236 will be published on Tuesday 4th January 2022 or Wednesday 5th January 2022 worldwide. Some of the online talks are about Takemichi’s last stand and a few other parts of the new chapter. Anyway, now there isn’t any information about the cancellation of the new chapter from the creators of Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers New Chapter Spoilers

Hina and Takemichi are the main spoilers of the Tokyo Revengers. When they went to the roof to observe the fireworks and Hina remembers the same fireworks in her house. Takemichi decided to save everything from her. But Mikey is in that job only. So to save everybody he planned to help Mikey from him and his team who at all times hurt him. When Takemichi was decided to make a team he met Chifuyu who I do not like I’m starting but when Takemichi shared his plan with them so he resigned his job and joined Takemichi’s team and named their team as Thousand Winters and its meaning is just his name.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236

Tokyo Revengers In Some Magazines

The new chapter of Tokyo Revengers is available in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. On the other hand, people around the globe can read the story on Kodansha’s official website.

Main Characters Of The Tokyo Revengers

• Kitumura Takumi starred as Hanagaki Takemichi
• Sugino Yosuke starred as Tachibana Naoto
• Yoshizawa Ryo played as Mikey
• Yamuda Yuki played as Draken
• Imada Mio played as Tachibana Hinata
• Isomura Hayato played as Akkun
• Suzuki Nobuyuki played as Kiyomasa
• Horike Kazuki starred as Pan-Chin
• Maeda Gordan played as Mitsuya Takashi
• Minato Yoshiki starred as Nobutaka Osanai
• Takahashi Rion starred as Suzuki Makoto
• Todo Hinata played as Yamagishi Kazushi
• Tagawa Shunji played as Yamamoto Takuya
Let’s wait for more updates from the creators about the new chapter of Tokyo Revengers