Tom Cruise has finally reacted on whether or not he will get the role of Robert Downey Junior’s Iron Man. We have seen how certain characters or movies easily get their story completed and that’s why why stopping it’s the only option left.

Renewal or sequel comes in a talk then there are various chances that the same face comes in some way but not the same case all the time. Sometimes the consideration related to having a new face under the same character comes in a way that left the fans disappointed.

Speaking of such things then Tom Cruise is currently in a talk related to playing Iron Man. It is quite an impossible thing to imagine a Mission Impossible character here plays Iron Man.

According to different fans and critics, nobody can play Iron Man better than Robert Downey Junior and so before Tom Cruise.

After many speculations and lots of rumours, it’s now confirmed that Tom Cruise is right for the role of Tony Stark or Iron Man.

But at the same time, no confirmation was obtained and it’s the reason why Tom Cruise comes to the fore. He said he cannot imagine anyone but Robert Downey Junior playing the role as he is completely perfect for him.

Here’s what Tom Cruise said about Playing Iron Man Robert Downey Junior.

Tom Cruise

When it comes to a superhero role in the future the actor appears to be very practical about it. He said he would go for the story and the character rather than something like a superhero or something.

It is also said that Tom Cruise has no related time to bring any comic book character to life. He has a really full schedule which includes many films in his way.

Tom Cruise recently rocked the box office with his smashing movie called Top Gun: Maverick. It became an enormous success all over the world and it’s the reason why the actor is focusing more on an upcoming project.

If he’s not making news related to his film or certain rumors or speculations that are going on then they’re absolutely making it with his rare public appearance. It wasn’t long ago when Tom Cruise was seen making a rare public appearance with his son named Connor.

Both were seen in San Francisco. Connor is the son of Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman who were married in 1990 and separated in 2001. They even have a daughter named Isabella who is 28 years old.

Apart from her, Tom Cruise is also the father of the 15-year-old daughter Suri with her Katie Holmeshowever, the couple separated in 2016 after 6 years of marriage.