Chris Pratt is the new voice of Rick and Morty after replacing Justin Roiland. We have seen how celebrities sign any new project but if these projects come with a replacement or are related to an already famous project then some news will follow these.

Whether it’s related to any animation or any movie everything becomes the same if any name comes in the list. When one talks about this stuff then one cannot forget a couple of famous energy called Rick and Morty which is currently talking related to its voice.

The famous animation called Rick and Morty is getting the attention related to the casting. The voice acting role is normally cast for any animated film or series that essentially comes with known actors.

Just after 24 hours since Justin Rouland left Adult Swim, there has already been quite a lot of speculation about the new member taking his space. And this time it’s the famous actor Chris Pratt.

Marvel Heroes Tom Holland and Chris Pratt to Voice Rick and Morty.

Tom Holland

Social media went by storm as the appropriate name came up with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. Coming to the character then Tom Holland is right now considered for Morty while Chris Pratt is for Rick.

As soon as this news came out, the fans are loving to see them give their contribution to the animation, other than any Marvel project.

Talk about the reaction to the Canadian show so discuss what if Chris Pratt he would be taking on the role of Rick and Morty then it would be more than fine. The actor is remembered for his Guardians Of The Galaxy which broke many records.

Because of this film, he went through many physical transformations and put himself at the top level of being an actor.

However, no official statement has been issued yet Adult Swimming or any animation maker. However, these two names are considered to go or may become the reality for the fans.

Talking about such then it is going to be an enormous project coming in the pockets of the two actors with such a famous role, after Marvel.