Tom Holland described how the character of Danny was hard for him for many reasons, see the details!

Tom Holland celebrates one year after filming The Crowded Room. There are many celebrities who stick to their works whether it’s related to a music video or a song or even a movie or series.

And that’s the reason why they try to remember it all the time. Sometimes it’s related to the post on social media while at the time it’s through the interview or the podcast when they open up about being sober and at the same time emotional about it.

The same happened recently when Tom Holland celebrated a milestone in his life. It was related to his new series coming on Apple TV. The 26-year-old actor decided to share how he hasn’t been drinking alcohol for nearly a year and a half.

The actor Tom Holland said that the interpretation of the role of Danny was not at all easy because it was related to the split personality. And for the same reason, he took a step back from dealing with his mental health related struggles and much more.

Here’s What More Tom Holland Said About Being Sober.

Tom Holland

The actor also said that learning about mental health is also a strong effect and for the same reason he even spoke to a psychiatrist.

In the words of the actor: “Learn about mental health and its power, and talk to psychiatrists about [the characters] The struggles of Danny and Billy, it was something so informative for my own life,” He continued and said: “I’m no stranger to the physical aspects of the job doing the entire action movie thing.

But the mental aspect, it beat me and it took me a long time to recover afterwards, to somehow return to reality.”

Tom Holland.

Tom Holland spoke about breaking from this role after filming for nearly a year for this project. The actor began to see himself in the character whether it’s related to environmental or personal life.

And for the same reason, he left the house and commenced thinking about it. The actor also thought of shaving his head because he wanted to get out of the character from the roots.

Even after considering shaving his head, the actor decided not to go with him as he was in between shooting.

Holland also expressed that it was something he had never experienced in his life particularly, related to his work.