Tom Holland recalled the time when he saw Zendaya audition for the role of MJ, saying he was mesmerized by her performance.

Tom Holland

the Spider-Man actor Tom Holland and Zendaya they’re probably the most popular couples not only in Hollywood but most likely in every corner of the world, they both share an amazing bond together and their chemistry is just mind blowing, that is the reason why they’re favorites fan absolutes.

Their relationship of more than two years is now giving goals and everybody knows how much they adore one another particularly Tom, who never fails to speak about Zendaya every time he gives an interview, he loves her so much and reflects when he talks. anything related to it.

Tom is busy with the promotions of his next movie The Crowded Roomand he’s attending several interviews, in one of which he was asked if he would work with Zendaya again or not, and the 27-year-old actor answered that he is unquestionably searching for something where they can work together.

Will Tom Holland and Zendaya work together again?

Tom Holland

Tom Holland recalled the time when he saw Zendaya auditioning for the role of MJ, he said that he was blown away by her performance and was really impressed by how talented she was and that she was really happy that she was chosen.

Tom was continuously blushing while talking about his lady love, he was asked more about the reason why he keeps his relationship with Zendaya private, and he said that both are quite protective about their relationship and see it as some a very sacred thing.

They also believe that it’s something that belongs to them and has nothing to do with their professional careers or people for that matter.

Tom also confessed that he’s now truly and deeply in love with her MJ and while he was talking about all this, he was beaming like crazy and it was one of those rare occasions when Tom spoke his heart out and the fans absolutely loved it.