Too Hot to Handle Germany, which will begin streaming on the site on February 28, was revealed by Netflix today.

UFA Show & Factual GmbH is the company behind Too Hot to Handle Germany. Of course, everybody wants scorching temperatures or at least a steamy adventure because it is cold outside and German winters are long and dark.

When will the show Too Hot to Handle: Germany come out?

Too Hot to Handle: Germany

On February 28, 2023, the movie Too Hot to Handle: Germany is set for release Netflix.

Where am I able to watch Too Hot to Handle: Germany?

Too Hot to Handle: Germany
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The official streaming service for Too Hot to Handle: Germany is Netflix.

What is the plot of Too Hot to Handle: Germany?

Too Hot to Handle: Germany

A tropical paradise is when ten attractive singles meet. Little do they realize that they’ve to fully stop s*x in order to win the prize of 200,000 EUR.

Meet the hottest local singles in a tropical paradise to take part in the truth dating program made “Tropical Desire.” Instead of getting hot and heavy, they must fight for prize money under strict “no touching” rules as the first contestants of “Too Hot to Handle Germany”.

The German version of the program will possibly have some changes to this theme. Still, it isn’t certain what the plot of “Too Hot to Handle Germany” will be until more information is available.

Cast and Crew.

Too Hot to Handle: Germany
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Let’s take a fast look at the cast and crew thus revealed for the show. Helena Sauer and Katharina Sciuk they’re the producers of the show. Stephan Dorsch is the producer of the cast.

Arabella Kitzinger and Hendrik Voß are the production leaders, while Sascha Kleinschmidt is the head of the realization. Katharina Sciuk and Helena Sauer are the producers of the series. Stephan Dorsch is the casting producer.

Preview of the upcoming TV show.

The world original Too Hot to Handle from Fremantle entertainment production company for Netflix has quickly become a fan favourite amongst international reality TV formats and most recently successfully debuted its fourth his season.

In addition, there are versions in Spanish and Brazilian. The s*xiest German-speaking singles gather at Too Hot to Handle Germany for what they believe will be the most exotic and sexual experience, but there is a catch.

In the truth dating program “Too Hot to Handle”, several attractive people are gathered together in an opulent tropical setting. The catch is that they’re prohibited from having any sexual relations while the contestants are on the program, or they will lose a share of the prize money.

The program aims to determine whether participants can discover love and develop deeper relationships without relying on physical contact. The prize money decreases with each slide. Will serial singletons be capable to build deeper emotional bonds in this bare-bones luxury zone?