All Too Human: An Acting Game Too Human is an action game or video game started by the Canadian producer Silicon Knights and released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360 in August 2008.

The game suffered for a critical 10 years in its development from its planned release on the Sony PlayStation in 1999. The expansion later entered the Nintendo GameCube in 2000, before ultimately selling the rights to Microsoft in 2005 and becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive.

It is designed by Denis Dyack and composed by Steve Henifin. It started playing in two modes: single-player and multiplayer. It was released on August 19, 2008.

The style and rating of the game was appreciated but many were disappointed by its graphics and level design and the dirt ending.

Then the makers tried to make it better and ultimately this resulted in winning $4.45 million but the makers were forced to drop all its products that used the unreal engine 3, so Too Human also stopped because those who their makers were suffering from bankruptcy on May 16, 2004. The role-playing game elements come in the form of advanced character customization.

Too Human Development

When this game started the development of this game was quite critical and its original release date was postponed for the next two years but when it collaborated with Microsoft in May 2005, it started to grow well.

People have come to love it is technique and its class too. It started getting good reviews but as a result of the use of the unreal 3 engine by the makers, it was dropped and its budget started to diminish.

Too Human
Too Human

And the makers tried to make a movie too and decided to make it in 3 parts; Dig, Examine, and Show, and the demo was released on Xbox Live on July 14, 2008.

On July 31, 2008 Microsoft stated that Too human demo exceeded 900,000 downloads. It was the most downloaded demo in its first week.

It has been probably the most played titles on Xbox Live overall. Then as a result of a breach of the contract between the two it led to the dropping of the game.


People really loved the story of the game However the mechanics left a lot to be desired. You had to undergo the tutorial just to take a piss, it was extremely frustrating.

It had the potential to be a good game but it just failed to live up to it. It got 7.8 ratings and ⅗ trusted views. Unfortunately he didn’t have the expectation of a reasonable story and a few creative mechanics was reasonable.

The whole affair is as generic a turd as one could possibly flush into the open maw of the bored public. . To Human was also not appropriate for the era at the time of its release as there were too many lags and poor performance showing that the optimization of the game was not the best.

It leads me to conclude that in our time of remakes and remasters this game is seemingly the one that does not need it because it’s easily eclipsed by many other titles.

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