Top 10 hottest Indian celebrities: Instagram is no longer a passion in India, Bollywood celebrities use it for their movie promotions and other creators to promote their content. But there are other types of celebrities on Instagram, who post their hot and sexy photos and videos here to stay relevant.

On Instagram, there isn’t any direct monetization feature in India yet, after daily hot celebrities and models are rising on this social media platform in India. And today we have prepared a list of the Hottest Celebrities who have very famous accounts on Instagram.

Top hot Indian celebrities on Instagram

From Kiara Advani, Janhvi Kapoor, Jannat Zubair, and Ankita to other hot celebrities, we’re not mentioning their names as they’re also famous for their roles. We just took the names that are famous for their modeling and Instagram only.

Removed Malik

According to the celebrity bio, Nehhaa Malik is a model, actor and creator. But she is generally famous for her hot pictures and videos on Instagram. She regularly posts her modeling pictures and hot video on her Instagram profile. She has 3.5 Million followers and also posts reels on her account.

In the above post, she can be seen in a floral bra and white outfit and she is looking like a diva in these photos.

She is also famous for her other pictures which we have mentioned below:

Best hot Indian celebrities on Instagram - Nehhaa Malik
Instagram / Nehaa Malik

Nehhaa Malik can be named first in the list of hottest Indian celebrities in India.

Anveshi Jain

Although Anveshi Jain is much more popular in the TV industry as well s she has done several R Rated shows like Gandi Baat and others. But she is also very popular on Instagram because of her figure and hot looks.

Anveshi Jain posts her hot pictures and video on her Instagram profile, where she has 6.1 Million followers and is a really lovely part of her body structures. As in the pictures below:

Anveshi Jain Bold Photos

Anveshi Jain she started her career as a model and is also an Actor, Singer, and Motivational Speaker. She is famous for her uncommon body size and cameo appearances in diverse movies and songs. Her name is among the hottest Indian celebrities in India.

When Sharma

Ketika is an actor by profession but has done thousands of modeling contracts as well. She has 2.6 Million followers on her Instagram profile, where she is famous for her bold photos and sizzling reels on diverse Bollywood songs.

As in the picture above, She shows off her hot cleavage and her awesome looks.

Sofia Ansari – One of the hottest Indian celebrities

Sofia is sort of a goddess of hotness, She came to controversy when her account was disabled by Instagram for posting nearly n**e pictures on the account.’

But later her account was restarted by the social media platform. She is famous for her hot and sensuous appearance because of her lovely eyes and choices of dresses.

She posted the above picture a few days back in which the actress can be seen in just one piece of cloth ns she is in the bathroom, where she can be seen as extremely hot. Sofia Ansari also posted very hot videos on her Instagram Profile.

Sofia Ansari looks smoking in red saree
Sofia Ansari looks smoking in red saree

Ankita Dave

Ankita is also known for her roles in R B-Grade Web Series but she is known for her Instagram Profile, where she posts hot videos and photos of herself.

Recently She appeared in a Web series named Rajneeti, and her role is being praised everywhere.