Korean drama has become among the best forms of entertainment as it has many flavors. Whether it is related to domestic drama or romance, everything comes out great. All this stuff started to change in 2016 which brought a new era in the world of Korean entertainment. Later, it became popular with the Squid Game which took the world by storm and then many other plays followed.

Here Is The Top 10 K-Dramas List For Beginners To Watch.

1. Business Proposal

Business Proposal

The first one to come is the recent release called Business Proposal which is a romance drama. She is related to a CEO who loves a normal middle class woman who was pretending to be a rich woman.

By making things easy for her friend, whose family sent her on a blind date with the CEO, the protagonist pretended to be her friend and went on a blind date that forms a story.

2. Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun

2016 hit Korean drama called Descendants of the Sun is among the best to go with. It is due to the romance and drama that follow in the series. There are two main characters who fall for one another but other than that, the supporting characters have also become the core.

She is related to a military man who falls for a doctor however, their destiny separates them. After many months they came together again with the disaster that occurred in their lives through an earthquake.

3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Coming Soon

It is taken into account to be the best comedy romance ever presented in the Korean drama world. The main character, that’s the girl of the title, is a superhero who possesses great power. Women with supernatural strength felt her power as a burden and that made her away from feminine qualities.

However, everything about her was loved by a CEO who hires her as his Bodyguard.

4. Goblin


Goblin is again a romantic comedy that’s a couple of supernatural drama. It’s a couple of girl who can see a modern-day Goblin and a Goblin who needs to marry a human. To end his Immortal life, the man began to fall for the character of the main girl.

A real romance then enters the story however, the separation followed which made things very sad. Part of the story, it also follows a bromance between two main male characters.

5. The Legends Of Blue Seas

The Legends Of Blue Seas

Like any other Korean drama, The Legends Of Blue Seas it’s also a romantic comedy. It is between a normal human and a mermaid that their tears become pearls.

The main man is nothing but a thief who later changes his life for the sake of the mermaid. And in terms of the mermaid then she is head over heels for the man and at last, they started their family.

6. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist

It is a medical show which is quite common in Korean dramas. The focus is on 5 best friends from Medical School who relate to the journey of becoming accomplished doctors working in several departments.

It has two seasons and the characters have grown and developed as expected. The story follows the novel and also the daily struggles of the doctors. Apart from that, it also deals with kids’s issues and divorce.

7. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna

It started with souls living in a hotel, living for hundreds of years, and quickly turned into a novel. The hotel is under the hands of a female lead who learns to love again in her life and falls in love with the Hotel Manager.

Besides being a love story, it’s also known for its wonderful cinematography in addition to for the acting present through all the actors.

8. Vincenzo


The 2021 Netflix series is a legal drama that’s set in the courtroom. The series is not only of one particular theme but carries quite a lot of variety. It is related to the Italian mafia that entered the story to get hidden gold.

From carrying excitement and mystery, the series also forms a romance between the two main characters. It also becomes a family drama on the side which can be seen in many scenes.

9. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

It is an underdog story that’s related to corruption and thought of the best present drama of 2020 on Netflix. The series was released years ago but is still loved today because of a typical story that moves with the present and deals with the rest of life.

When the main main character’s father died then he decided to open a restaurant. But his past at all times comes to the fore however, he tried to make new friends at the same time.

10. Mr. Sunshine

Mr Sunshine

Mr Sunshine is set in 1900 and related to Korean activists fighting for their Independence. The series is notable for its ending which is related to the Japanese occupation. It also follows the love story which is someplace in the story which becomes interesting for the audience. Apart from being a love story, it also has a political aspect that makes it very approachable to watch.