Top 10 Series Like The Resident Season 6 You Must Watch While Waiting for Part 2 of the Series. There are quite a number of medical drama television programs that their fans The Resident will like, ranging from New Amsterdam to House to Grey’s Anatomy.

Here is the list of Top 10 Series Like The Resident Season 6.

1) New Amsterdam 2018 – Present | 5 seasons

New Amsterdam

The story of New Amsterdam it’s primarily plot-driven, similar to that of The Resident. An ambitious new doctor comes to a public hospital with huge plans to change the bureaucracy that’s preventing them from giving the very best treatment.

The show is much more than a crisis of the week type program when it has a purpose in mind.

The people of New Amsterdam are diversified and busy, and the politics of running a hospital is at the forefront of a genre generally dominated by stories of cities perpetually ravaged by catastrophic tragedies.

2) M*A*S*H 1972-1983 | 11 seasons

The Guardian

M*A*S*H, based on the blockbuster film of the same name, was a television phenomenon during the 1970s. During the Korean War, the doctors of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital treated foreign patients.

Unlike The Resident, the show’s medical features have at all times been secondary to the generally hilarious character-driven stories. Despite this, M * A * S * H ​​​​can throw a whopper of a gloomy episode sometimes, and often reminded the audiences that the war was a hellish experience.

3) Scrubs 2001-2010 | 9 seasons


Even the saddest medical drama fan needs a break every now and then, and Scrubs is the perfect show to inject some comedy into the commonly somber genre. Young doctors try to continue their career in a hospital where nothing appears to be going well.

Scrubs viewers will recognize the usual medical drama cliches, even though they’re treated with a decent degree of levity. Despite being a comedy, several deaths on Scrubs have devastated fans, and plenty of episodes have come out of nowhere to deliver a strong emotional blow.

4) Five Days On Memorial 2022 | 1 season

Five Days In Remembrance

Many medical dramas are continuing shows that run for years, however Five Days in Remembrance presented a precise story that ties into a brilliant binge-worthy miniseries. The plot follows the workers of a New Orleans hospital as they struggle with the early aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Although it only covers a small period of time, Five Days is optimal for those who love The Resident. It combines gritty drama, but with a far more realistic look at the demanding medical industry after a disaster that many audience members remember personally.

5) St. Elsewhere 1982-1988 | 6 seasons

St. Elsewhere

St. Elsewhere, often considered the father of the modern medical drama, is still as uncommon now as it was in the 1980s. The doctors at St. Elgius Hospital deal with the kinds of everyday situations found in any major metropolitan hospital, and deal with their trauma the only way they understand how: with a heavy dose of dark humor.

Despite a unanimously despised series ending, the success of St.primary’s run Elsewhere can’t be ignored. St. Elsewhere influenced shows like The Resident, and fans had never seen a medical drama that was so realistic and gritty before.

6) Nurse Jackie 2009-2015 | 7 seasons

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie it provided a chance for Edie Falco to entirely steal the show, which she did. Jackie is an ER nurse trying to navigate the complex health care system while falling deeper and deeper into a pharmaceutical addiction.

Despite being a comedy, Nurse Jackie is darker and more uncompromising than The Resident. Jackie, who eschews normal genre tropes, is the main focus of the show.

In addition, the series finally sheds light on the struggles of nurses, who often carry out the majority of the heavy work to keep a hospital operating.

7) ER 1994-2009 | 15 seasons


ER set the benchmark for long-running medical dramas. The series covers the lives of the workers as they deal with each new obstacle the city throws at them in the fast-paced ER of a Chicago hospital.

The doctors on staff varied throughout the show’s existence, but the drama remained mainly similar.

The Resident is a far more current medical drama, but shares many of the issues encountered in ER.

8) The Good Doctor 2017-Present | 6 seasons

The Good Doctor
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The new doctor in town is a cliché as old as medical drama itself, still The Good Doctor managed to breathe new life into him. Dr. Shaun Murphy is an autistic surgeon who leaves his calm and tranquil existence behind to join the moral staff of a prominent hospital in California.

Dr. Murphy, like Dr. Hawkins in The Resident, has his own way of doing things, which frequently leads to the main conflict of the series.

The Good Doctor strikes a nice mix between a weekly drama and an extended story that sees its main character develop and evolve from year to year.

9) Home 2004-2012 | 8 seasons


Hugh Laurie he played the titular misanthropic doctor in Home, and the series showed how brilliant medical procedures can be in the right hands. There are many health riddles at the fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where the very unlikable Dr. House tries to solve them.

The Resident does not quite drive Dr. Hawkins to the depths that Dr. House does, which is a genius, but his team needs to reign in additional absurd concepts every now and then.

The mystery component of the show is the better part, and plenty of of the cases left the viewers wondering until the very end.

10) Grey’s Anatomy 2005-Present | 19 seasons

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy, about to enter its 20th season, is a must-see for anyone who loves medical dramas. The show is set in a hospital in the Seattle region and follows the doctors on staff, primarily Dr. Grey, as they endure personal and experienced obstacles.

Even although some fans believe it is recently dropped, the show’s finely woven tapestry of interpersonal drama remains its best suit.

In addition, the over-the-top situations that take place in the hospital became more and more elaborate over the years, and fans are continuously keen to see what happens next.