Florida Man is a crime-based comedy-drama series that follows the story of Mike Valentine, a former police officer who is sent to investigate a case in his home state.

Mike Valentine, a gambling addict who lost his job because of his addiction, now works for a Philly mobster. When Mike accepts a job to locate the mobster’s girlfriend—who has disappeared in Florida—he embarks on an unforeseen journey that has the potential to transform his life.

‘Florida Man’ is a mixture of drama, humor and crime with an intense plot that will captivate audiences. The series follows the chaotic attempts of Valentine as he embarks on a journey full of money, weapons, action and comedy.

The “Florida Man,” starring Edgar Ramirez, Anthony LaPaglia, Abbey Lee, Otmara Marrero, and Emory Cohen, presents an enigmatic attraction full of adventure.

Here is a list of shows that are similar to “Florida Man,” in case you liked it as much as we did. Most of these shows that are similar to ‘Florida Man’ are available on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Top 10 Series Similar to Florida Man You Must See!!!

The top 10 shows similar to Florida Man on Netflix include the following:

1. Game End (2022)

Endgame (2022)

The television show, which was created by Nicholas Wootton and Jake Coburnfocuses on the story of Elena Federova, a global arms dealer who is arrested but still manages to pull off several bank heists.

The show follows the clever criminal mastermind, who puts her plan into motion like chess pieces in this gripping drama that focuses on plot and stomach-turning twists.

‘The Endgame’ is the ideal show to watch after ‘Florida Man’ because it combines crime and drama with themes similar to those in that film.

2. Good Girls (2018-2021)

Good Girls

This critically acclaimed comedy-drama series depicts the lives of three friends who commit a robbery at a grocery store and then go deeper and deeper into decadence.

The series featuring Retta, Mae Whitmanand Christina Hendricks is a perfect blend of high tension and high stakes as it follows the lives of three friends who are overwhelmed by the burden of bills and poverty.

Good Girls‘ will be the ideal series to watch after ‘Florida Man’ for fans who love the fun element.

3. Hatton Garden (2019)

Hatton Garden
The Guardian

The miniseries, which is based on the true story of the most absurd but extraordinary gang robbery, tells the story of four elderly men between the ages of 55 and 70 who decide to rob 14- the million pounds.

The four experienced criminals stole the money over the four-day Easter weekend in the show’s astonishing operation. The ITV series has the ideal combination of comedy and crime that will keep fans of “Florida Man” intrigued.

4. Snatch (2017-2018)


Snatch, a television series created by Alex De Rakofftells the story of a group of criminals who steal a truckload of gold bullion and end up in the realm of organized crime.

The show features an eclectic group of capers or rag-tag hustlers whose sudden entry into the criminal underworld provides excitement and fun viewing.

“Florida Man” fans who enjoyed the pursuit of gold will enjoy “Snatch,” which offers the same thrilling scenes that made “Florida Man” fun to watch.

5. The Great Train Robbery (2013)

The Great Train Robbery

Based on an outstanding historical story, “The Great Train Robbery” tells the story of Bruce Reynolds, a mastermind who recruited a crew of criminals and a rogue lawyer to carry out the biggest crime in American history.

The BBC series, which Chris Chibnall created, examines power struggles, paranoia, and even a friendship that leads to a tremendous heist.

Viewers who enjoyed watching everybody compete for the gold in “Florida Man” will no doubt enjoy the crime and pursuit theme of “The Great Train Robbery.”

6. White Lines (2020)

White Lines
Radio Times

Zoe Walker begins a quest to uncover the mysteries behind her brother’s disappearance, years after he disappeared. But as Zoe embarks on a dangerous road full of twists and turns, chaos ensues.

the Netflix series has the ideal amount of drama, mystery, and crime. The series, which was brilliantly created by Alex Pina, revives the classic rave and its attraction to drugs.

7. Foreign Banks (2020-Present)

Foreign Banks

The series follows groups of working-class locals who are divided into groups of rich seasonal visitors as they embark on a mission to find the leader of their group’s missing father.

But when a treasure linked to the leader’s lost father is found, chaos ensues. the Netflix series was developed by Josh Pate, Jonas Pateand Shannon Burke and maps out conflict, action, and mystery, making it the ideal show to watch after “Florida Man.”

8. Lupine (2021-Present)


This French mystery thriller series, created by George Kay and Francois Uzan, depicts the life of Assane Diop, a man on a mission to make up for the wrongs of his past and build a brighter future.

An immigrant’s son, Diop, is an experienced thief who comes to France to seek a better life for his son.

This is the ideal show to watch after “Florida Man,” because the series cleverly incorporates aspects of deception, excitement, and mystery.

9. The Wire (2002)

The wire

David Simonwriter, and former police reporter is the creator and first writer of the American crime drama television series The wire. In the United States, the HBO cable network aired the series.

The original concept for the show was a police drama that was based partially on Ed Burns’ experiences as a former murder investigator and public school teacher.

10. Clickbait (2021)


Tony Ayres and Christian White are the creators of the drama miniseries Clickbait. The negative side of social media is explored in this clickbait series. A father disappears in one line of the novel, only to reappear in a popular video with a sign that says, “I’ll die if this gets 5 million views.”

Although the series is set in Oakland, California, the majority of footage was shot in Melbourne, Australia.