Married at First Sight Season 16 is all set to air in January 2023, and here we are with the Top 10 Shows like the series you should watch once.

Married at First Sight, Lifetime’s hit show is currently in its 15th season. This famous reality dating show involves men and ladies who decide to get married without seeing one another before having their honeymoon and other elements of married life videotaped.

Reality dating shows have gotten more and more popular, with Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and other online providers releasing hit original dating series that return season after season. There are more hot dating series available to watch that are quite similar to Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight Season 16 will be released on January 4, 2023 do not forget to watch the series.

Here is the list of Top 10 Shows Like Married at First Sight Season 16.

90 Day Fiance – 2014 ‧ Reality ‧ 9 seasons

90 Day Boyfriend

90 Day Fiancé connects individuals from opposite ends of the world and offers them 90 days to choose if they’re destined to get married. Couples must manage cultural and linguistic differences to understand one another.

Too Hot To Handle 2020 ‧ Reality ‧ 4 seasons

Too Hot To Handle

In this relaunched reality show, contestants are sent to paradise to meet other attractive individuals. The catch in this series is that while they’re unmarried and conventionally beautiful, all the participants must remain celibate.

If any of the participants are found cheating, their prize money will be reduced by a certain quantity.

The drama that comes from frustration and sexual anger in ed-up towards rule breakers is what makes this show so popular.

The Ultimatum: Get Married or Move On 2022 ‧ Reality ‧ 1 season

The Ultimatum: Get Married or Move Out
Vanity Fair

In April 2022, The Ultimatum: Get Married or Move On evaluates couples who are on the verge of marriage to push them to consider whether or not they should stay together or not.

Love Is Blind 2020 ‧ Reality ‧ 3 seasons

Love is blind

Love is Blind is a Netflix dating series that debuted in 2020. Singles go out and hook up in this unique dating show without ever seeing one another’s faces. The purpose of this experiment is to determine if “love is truly blind,” or if physical chemistry is just as important.

This series does a superb job of exploring what matters most in a relationship. While the concept is that if a direct correlation can be created in the “pods”, the physical traits should simply not matter if an emotional connection has already been made. However, this isn’t the case for all couples.

Marrying Millions 2019 ‧ Reality ‧ 2 seasons

Marrying Millions

Marrying Millions immerses viewers in the lifestyles and homes of spouses at different ends of the financial spectrum. Spouses in this docu-series reality show endure criticism, lifestyle disparities, and motivational issues from family and friends.

Viewers enjoy the concept of living vicariously through other people’s lives, and Marrying Millions gives precisely that.

FBoy Island 2021 ‧ 2 seasons

FBoy Island
Vanity Fair

FBoy Island is an HBO-exclusive reality series in which three women travel to a remote location with 26 guys in search of affection and a $100,000 prize.

The problem is that half of the men are “good guys” and the others are “Fboys”. If women choose Fboy, he gets to keep everything. They get to share the prize if she chooses a decent man.

He is, however, aware of himself and mocks the silliness of reality dating programs. It shows how individuals behave with one another to get what they want, hoping that single women will see through the egocentric mask of Fboys.

Joe Millionaire: For More Rich Or Poorer 2022 ‧ 1 season

Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer

Joe Millionaire, which debuted in 2003, was an instant hit, attracting millions of viewers. After a bombed second season, the show was canceled until 2022, when it returned Joe Millionaire: For Rich or Poor.

The show cast two bachelors, one of them was a millionaire and the other was not. The women who date both men don’t know who is rich and who is not, but they’re keen to connect with either of them.

What matters more, according to the show? Money or love?

Love Island UK 2015 ‧ Reality ‧ 8 seasons

Love Island UK

Love Island (UK) sends contestants into a luxury house where they live, form a relationship, and compete for a £50,000 prize.

Love Island (UK) is so popular that it airs six nights a week, unlike any American reality show. The show has produced several extremely successful and well-known public figures, such as Molly-Mae Hague, who has 6.4 million Instagram followers.

With an virtually unlimited source of content, the series is known to be unpredictable and a little crazy.

Since individuals or couples can be voted off the series, the players are doing everything they can to stay on the show.

Temptation Island 2001 ‧ Reality ‧ 3 seasons

Temptation Island

Temptation IslandThe premise is that 4 couples travel to the island to see if their relationship can survive when uprooted and surrounded by alluring singles.

The television series became popular because of the volatile nature of the couples and the virtually certain train wreck that would occur before the eyes of the viewers. While the struggling couples feel that the show will help their romance, it absolutely will not, and it is irresistible entertainment.

The Ring 2020 ‧ Reality ‧ 5 seasons

The Circle
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The Circle focused on the goal of becoming the best influencer by winning the favor of the other candidates only through online engagement and finally winning the $100,000 prize.

What sets this show other than others is the ability to watch influencers determine what it takes to seduce the other candidates and advance in the competition in real time.

It is a sociological experiment that gives viewers a special opportunity to experience how social media persuasion works in real life.