The upcoming South Korean TV series ‘Queenmaker’ was directed by Oh Jin-seok. This political drama series primarily revolves around two women named Hwang Do-hee and Oh Seung-sook.

Do-hee controlled the strategic planning office of a conglomerate and have become a genius at image making. Seung-sook is a human rights lawyer, known as the rhino of justice, who jumps into the election board to make Do-hee the mayor of Seoul.

South Korean actresses Kim Hee-ae, and Moon So-ri were cast as Do-hee and Seung-sook in the series with Ryu Soo-young playing the other Seoul mayoral candidate Baek Jae-min. The Queenmaker series is set to be released on April 14, 2023 Netflix.

Following is a list of must-watch TV series while you wait for ‘Queenmaker’ to come out.

Top 10 TV Series Like Queenmaker.

Pandora: Under Heaven – Number of Seasons: 1

Pandora: Under Heaven
South China Morning Post

The plot revolves around a lady named Hong Tae-ra who totally forgets the memory of her past and rises to the position of first lady to protect her family and punish those who tried to take control of the its destiny.

South Korean actress Lee Ji-ah portrayed Hong Tae-ra aka Mun Ha-gyeong or No.50 in the series.

Other cast members include Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Hee-jin, Park Ki-woong, Bong Tae-gyu etc. The series premiered on March 11, 2023 on tvN.

Mr Sunshine – Number of Seasons: 1

Mr Sunshine

This South Korean TV series is set in early 1900s Hanseong which is present day Seoul. The plot revolves around the lives of two people – Eugene Choi, born into slavery and who became a Marine Corps officer after escaping to the United States, and Go Ae-shin – part of the Righteous Army and the grandson of an aristocrat.

South Korean actors Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri played Choi and Ae-shin respectively in the series. It ran from 7 July to 30 September 2018 on tvN.

Vagabond – Number of Seasons: 1


This South Korean television series primarily centers around Cha Dal-gun, a stuntman who gets involved in a tragic plane crash and in the process, uncovers a national corruption scandal. South Korean singer-actor Lee Seung-gi portrays Cha Dal-gun in the series.

It lasted from 20 September to 23 November 2019 on SBS.

Punch – Number of Seasons: 1


This South Korean political thriller drama television series. The plot records the last six months of the life of Park Jung-hwan who is the head of the anti-corruption investigation team for the Supreme Prosecutors Office and provides in to a number of compromises to get to -position.

South Korean actor Kim Rae-won portrays protagonist Park Jung-hwan in the series. It lasted from December 15, 2014, to February 17, 2015.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Number of Seasons: 1

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

The series is based on the 2016-2019 American political thriller drama series titled ‘Designated Survivor‘.

The plot of this South Korean TV series includes a catastrophic attack that hits the National Assembly which leads Park Mu-jin, the Minister of the Environment, to find new ways to guide Lorea in this the chaos.

South Korean actor Ji Jin-hee portrays Park Mu-jin in the series. It aired from July 1 to August 20, 2019 on tvN.

Splendid Policy – ​​Number of Seasons: 1

Splendid Politics

This South Korean Historical Political Romance TV series revolves around the awakening of Princess Jeongmyeong as she plots her revenge while living undercover as a commoner to avenge the execution of her younger brother Prince Yeongchang after the throne of Joseon is usurped by Prince Gwanghae.

Lee Yeon-hee and Cha Seung-won portrayed Princess Jeongmyeong and Prince Gwanghae respectively in the series. It lasted from 13 April to 29 September 2015.

The Good Wife – Number of Seasons: 1

The Good Wife
The New York Times

This South Korean television series is a Korean remake of the American television series of the same title. Jeon Do-Yeon, Yoo Ji-tae, and Yoon Kye-sang were cast as primary characters in the series. It aired from July 8 to August 27, 2016 on tvN.

Big Thing – Number of Seasons: 1

Great thing
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This South Korean TV series is based on the comic ‘Daemul’ by manhwa artist Park In-kwon. South Korean actress Go Hyun-Jung portrayed South Korea’s first female president – Seo Hye-rim in the series.

It ran from 6 October to 23 December 2010.

The K2 – Number of Seasons: 1

The K2

This South Korean TV series is an action melodrama and political thriller and stars Ji Chang-Wook, Song Yoon-ah, Im Yoon-ah, Jo Sung-ha, and Kim Kap-soo in the series.

It ran from 23 September to 12 November 2016 on tvN.

Korean Peninsula – Number of Seasons: 1

Korean Peninsula

This political action romance K-drama casts Hwang Jung-min and Kim Jung-Eun in the leading roles. It aired from February 6 to April 3, 2012 on TV Chosun.