Top 5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Attended Taylor Swift’s The Era Tour! There are many celebrities who attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour which is among the biggest concert tours of 2023. As soon as a musician has decided to disclose the date of their next road trip that’s, their tour then the fans get excited.

And when it is claimed that the tickets are online then they instantly left the platform because they’re sold. The same is the case of many Hollywood musicians who started their tours in 2023.

And with regards to the appearance of the fans then it was in thousands and the same is the case where you can see lots of presence of celebrities in it.

Among them is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The singer did 7 shows in total during the tour and lots of celebrities have already attended her.

The singer has shown in virtually 3 cities so far where we have seen some of our friends giving the better of their appearance.

See the Top 5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Attended Taylor Swift’s The Era Tour!

Selena Gomez

The first that comes to mind is the recent appearance of Selena Gomez. Selena wasn’t there alone but with her sister Gracie who also made headlines related to Taylor Swift getting 22 hats.

Selena Gomez at one point was seen dancing to the song and the same was happening with her little sister.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone
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Next was Emma Stone who was seen hanging out with some of her family and friends to enjoy the concert. She was seen dancing to songs like You Belong With Me and Love Story with her friends in addition to family. She was there to support Taylor Swift and also take fun moments.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne
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Cara Delevingne he was the one who came from the show and also experienced it at the level of the fans. It appeared on Instagram while it was live and the telecast of the TaylorSwift concert[edie[orlimarl-ispettakluutawkollesperjenzalivelill-partitarjiHijadehretfuqInstagramwaqtlikienetsejraliveut-telecasttal-kunċertTaylorSwift

Later, we also saw a selfie of the model with Taylor Swift as they share an incredible bond.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Gigi he’s also the one seen dancing to some of Taylor Swift’s songs. The singer and the model share an incredible bond for a really long time. And that’s the reason why the appearance of Gigi Hadid was probably the most expected and customary.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Apart from Emma Watson, Emma was yet another present at the concert. And this is Emma Watson who is there at Taylor Swift’s Las Vegas performance while hanging out in the VIP tent.

The actress was also seen singing some songs comparing the lyrics to Taylor Swift.