Top Boy Season 3: All We Know

Top Boy is a British crime drama set in Hackney’s fictional Summerhouse neighbourhood. It tells the story of two drug dealers and their friends, Dushane (and Sully) who are determined to be the richest man on the block. Is Top Boy 3 coming? Let’s see!

They decided to team up with Bobby Raikes to help them reach their goals. They soon find themselves in a rivalry with Bobby Raikes and Kamale, a drug dealer, which leads to serious consequences. Ronan Bennett created the show, which aired its premiere on Netflix on September 13, 2019.

It is a revival from the Channel 4 series that was first broadcast on October 31, 2011. The show was cancelled after just two rounds. The series was revived by Netflix thanks to Drake’s interest and influence. The third season was released on streaming platforms as season 1, but the first two seasons were uploaded to Netflix’s streaming library under the title “Top Boy: Summerhouse.” This crime drama was highly praised for its storyline, production quality and a great story line. We have all the information you need about the third season.

Top Boy Season 3: Possible Release Date

Top Boy Season 3: All We Know

The second season of Top Boy aired on Netflix on March 18, 2022. The second season featured eight episodes, each with a running time of 51-66 mins.

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Here’s what we know about the third season. The future of Top Boy has not been announced. However, considering the positive reaction the series received, as well as the support of Drake, it is possible that there will be an update. Fans will still have questions after the season 2 cliffhanger.

Netflix takes a while to evaluate the show’s performance before it makes any plans for its future. It may take a while before the potential Top Boy update is announced. The gap between the release dates of the first and second seasons is more than two years. Production delays can partly be blamed for the pandemic, but this may not be true for the near future. All these factors combined mean that Top Boy season 3 will be out in Q3 2023 if the show is updated quickly and the team begins shooting in the summer 2022.

Top Boy Season 3: Casting Expected

Top Boy Season 3: All We Know

If the show is reactivated for a third season, leading actors Ashley Walters AKA Kano (Sully), and Kane Robinson AKA Kano(Dushane), are likely to reprise their roles. Given the fates of their screen characters Jamie & Kit, there are very few chances that Michael Ward or Kadeem Ramsay will be seen in a third season.

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We expect the rest to continue their roles and return if “Top Boy” is aired for season 3. These are Jasmine Jobson, Araloyin Olsenremi (Stefan), Lisa Dwan and Hope Ikpoku Jr. If the series continues, we can’t rule it out that there might be new characters.

Top Boy Season 3: The Expected Plot

Top Boy Season 3: All We Know

Season 2 begins with Dushane attempting to be legitimate once and for all. He strategizes a new move in business and offers Jamie a deal. There’s just too much betrayal, especially when Sully comes down hard on Dushane by doing the same thing he did to Jamie. Dushane’s mental state is constantly in doubt as anxiety overtakes him throughout season 2. We don’t know how Dushane will deal with Sully.

The third act of Top Boy has a lot to offer, especially after the finale of season 2, when Sully appears at Jamie’s door to shoot him. We expect the characters to face the consequences of their actions, as betrayal is rampant in the second season. It will be fascinating to see what Aaron does with his future, as he becomes Stefan’s guardian. Season 3 will need to answer many questions.

Top Boy Season 3 Trailer

We have provided a trailer for Top Boy season 3 here. Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet released any information. Enjoy!

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