Top Chef: Season 18 Updates: The culinary competition “Top Chef,” from Bravo, was broadcast for the first time in 2006 and has been on the air ever since. They have already set up stores in diverse locations across the United States.

The previous seasons were centered around New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and other food hotspots. But people have started exploring different local food cultures all over the world, which has led to this show adding such places to its list of visits.

The New Location of Top Chef: Season 18

The cooking competition therefore made its way to the Pacific Northwest. The upcoming season of Top Chef has announced its new location for season 18 – it is none aside from Portland, the city of roses!

Oregon is famous for its scenic beauty and has several restaurants, food carts, seafood, and quality wine. This diversified food culture led Top Chef to choose Portland, Oregon, as its next location.

Top Chef: Season 18
Image Source: Bravo TV

The new season will feature a new group of talented cooks from nearby regions exploring Portland’s famous food scene. They can make unique dishes with the native ingredients found here. The city has all the time been on their list because of its innovative food culture from local farms, independent restaurants, and purveyors.

Travel Portland president Jeff Miller says choosing Portland as their location means that, despite the pandemic, Portland is a world-class culinary destination. The show will also lead the tourists to this place as the scenic beauty will be broadcast to the entire world.


The panel of judges and the hearing arrangements will change next season. The show will air Padma Lakshmi, the returning judge and host, and Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons as well. In addition to the panel of judges, a rotating panel of Top Chef winners will also examine the contestants.

The better part is that the new season is in the middle of its filming right now, and fans haven’t got to wait much longer! Production is taking place, maintaining safety measures according to CDC guidelines and NBC itself. Bravo talks about how the security of everybody on set is of paramount importance.

The culinary competition “Top Chef” will therefore present its first season sometime in 2021.3

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