An upcoming Thai film called Hunger will make its debut on Netflix. The Story, written and directed by Sitisiri Mongkolsiri, revolves around an ambitious cook who works in her family’s noodle restaurant before receiving an unforeseen offer to enter the fine dining sector and train under a renowned chef.

The advice provided to Aoy, a young woman who works in her family’s unremarkable noodle shop, appears in the first minutes of the teaser about hunger. This new Thai drama will be available on Netflix next month.

Aoy is rescued from her life of suffering and thrust into the competitive world of gourmet cuisine after a mysterious stranger tells her she is meant for greater things.

When will The Hunger be available on Netflix?


Netflix will be the only place to watch Hunger, released in April 2023.

The Story and plot of the famine.


The following is the plot for the next Netflix hunger

The focus of the film, however, is on Aoy, the main character, and notably, hunger. It will be intriguing to see how the psychological strain of juggling duties towards Aoy’s family restaurant and the famous Chef Paul will play out aesthetically, as Mongkolsiri has ties to several horror films.

In the center of a abandoned kitchen, Aoy stands amongst a jumble of strewn pans, covered ashes, and lit flames. She is instructed to go faster and faster as an unnerving mixture of rhythmic drumming and repetitively preparing different components.

An overview of the famine trailer: Extreme situations are caused by the desire for greatness.

The first scene of the film of two minutes and 15 seconds shows the main character preparing for guests inside a modest motel.

She talked seriously with a friend who told her that to become a well known chef, she needs to be more driven and passionate. He presents her with a business card with the name of a hotel and the word “Hunger” on it.

The scene then changes to a place where a chef controls a cooking station. She soon enters the training program under the direction of the Chef, even though it seems she needs help to meet the teacher’s demands.

However she keeps trying to obtain the required techniques to become an amazing cook.

A platter full of elegantly arranged food is a work of art. In the background the voice of the Chef continues to narrate, explaining how, in today’s culture, food is both a necessity for the poor and a luxury for the rich.

In addition, one must satisfy and amaze the richer portion to become a world-class chef.

Everyone becomes obsessed with achieving excellence. The Chef takes extraordinary measures to make his employees the greatest in the industry, which causes some risky accidents. Young cooks are physically and emotionally abused to the point where they begin to lose who they’re.

The film will have a love connection with the central protagonist other than the extreme training situations. The story will also look at the interaction between teacher and student.

Teachers’ exaggerated expectations for their students cause anarchy and insanity. Furthermore, the need to succeed can ruin a person’s life beyond repair.

The film includes violent abuse, violent sequences, and a few disturbing images that will leave you perplexed and wondering what the plot is about.

The little film raised enough interest and doubts about the direction of the Story. With the current location and promising cast, the audience will be passionate about the new film.