A television show called Triptych was broadcast for the first time Netflix in February 2023. The television series, stars Maite Perroni like the triplets Aleida, Rebecca, and Tamara.

It tells the story of a group of triplets who learn of their siblings’ existence as adults and learn after extensive research that they were the participants of an experiment that began at their birth.

The series is based on a genuine incident and shows a sinister sequel to the events that took place some time ago.

Explanation End Of Triptych


Following is the explanation of the end of Triptic.

The lives of three triplet sisters, Rebecca, Aleida, and Tamara, were the focus of the Mexican Netflix series. Within months of their separation, the three kids were raised in three different homes, one in a wealthy family, one in a middle-class family, and one in a low-income family.

The conclusion of Triptych revealed that it was all part of a big experiment by Dr. Bátiz, who also happened to be Aleida’s therapist.

The purpose of the long and somewhat inhumane procedure was for the doctor to better understand the thoughts of the triplets and how their behavior was influenced by their nature and conditioning.

When Rebecca and Tamara learned about the project, they were keen to learn more about their biological parents. Unfortunately, they were taken in by Dr. Bátiz and her group, including Rebecca’s potential love interest, Humberto, after discovering just about all the information about her.

The doctor imprisoned them in glass rooms in the mansion where it all began. When she spoke to Tamara and Rebecca about why she had done all this, she revealed the shocking information that their biological mother was none aside from herself.

Becca spills all the knowledge to Dr. Bátiz because she is overwhelmed, and Tamara can even feel the effects of Becca’s drunkenness. At the same time, some of Eugenio’s co-workers stop by his house, and Tamara’s drunken antics disrupt his plans. Finally, in front of his friends, he sends Tamara away and acts as if Aleida has abandoned him.

On the other hand, Becca receives a call from the social worker asking to see her when she wakes up hungry in a jail cell. Instead, she discovers her dead, and the biker who follows them is revealed to be the killer.

Becca worries Eugenio is now following her in light of Beatriz’s death and Tamara’s departure, so she entrusts Dr. Bátiz with her mother’s care. Mila, the doctor’s assistant, is the biker.

What happens to Humberto in the Triptych at the end?


Humberto returns to the police station to see the situation when Becca finds out the reality. To locate Becca and Tamara, who he thinks are at risk, Eugenio approaches him and asks for help.

He believes that Dr. Batiz was involved in the disappearance of the girls. After hiring a private detective, Eugenio must travel with Humberto to Dr. Batiz’s house.

Unfortunately, Eugenio becomes aware of a problem while driving. He asks Humberto to put the vehicle in park. Despite getting into a fight and having an accident, Humberto doesn’t survive.

Aleida, is she alive or dead?

Radio Times

According to Batiz, Aleida has been alive the entire time and was kept in a room in the same house. Dr. Batiz is rescued by the nuns, who then leave her back in the exact place where they will possibly never find her again.