Fans are eagerly waiting for Ultraman Season 3, and here we are with the latest updates of the series.

Ultraman was one of the first characters produced by the same production house that brought us the Power Rangers – the five colourful superheroes who safeguard the Earth from aliens and attacks.

So yes, Ultraman is similar, but he’s the precursor of all these because he was the first superhero to be established, fighting against villains, aliens, and all the invasion forces from other planets.

Ultraman Season 3 Release Date

Ultraman Season 3

The release date for Ultraman Season 3 has been set for 2023. However, a precise release date is yet to be announced. However, based on previous release dates, we expect the third season to come out in April 2023.

Ultraman Season 3 Voice Cast

Ultraman Season 3

The main cast is anticipated to remain the same. We do not have any extra details on who will join the cast. The show is the first in Tokusatsu genre, a Japanese action genre that relies on actual special effects to make live action scenes work. The following is a list of Ultraman characters and voice actors:

Shinjiro Hayata – Ryohei Kimura
Yapool Akio – Nojima
Yosuke Endo – Eiji Hanawa
Shin Hayata – Hideyuki Tanaka
Ace Killer – Hiroaki Hirata
Bemlar – Kaiji Soze
Mitsuhiro Ide – Ken Uo
Adad – Kenjiro Tsuda
Seiji Hokuto – Megumi Han
Jack – Ryōta Takeuchi
Edo – Shigeru Ushiyama
Rena Sayama – Sumire Morohoshi
Dan Moroboshi – Takuya Eguchi
Roboton – Hiroki Matsukawa
Mr. Maru – Jin Urayama

What to expect from Ultraman Season 3.

Ultraman Season 3

Shinjiro Hayata is the main character of the Ultraman series. He is a rather awkward young man. But he has a good heart. Shinjiro is to succeed his father as the future Ultraman.

The anime is a few superhero. He acts like a vigorous young man, which is fun to watch. When he completes his heroics, it is obvious that his actions will have consequences. However, even a hero cannot save everybody.

Villains are ready to attack and take over the Earth. Can Ultraman save everybody and ultimately win? Will he need to increase his powers? Will his signature moves be effective? Will the boy finally have friends who want to be part of the squad? Will they rid the world of evil? All of these can add to the storyline of Ultraman Season 3.

Volume 11, Chapter 70 of the manga ended the second season, and Ultraman season 3 will likely pick up where the second season left off.

The defeat of the pedant will trigger a series of events that will send our hero back into battle against a more powerful enemy. Some new characters will join the gang, and Jack and Bemular’s secret may be revealed.

Finally, after many revelations, the series will try to answer if Ultraman is a hero or a villain.