Undead Unluck is set to release its next Chapter 150 in March 2023. Therefore, all manga fans are curious and excited to know about its release date, plotline, and all other updates. So, continue reading this article until the end if you’re a fan of the Undead Unluck manga.

In chapter 149 of Undead Unluck, titled “Do You See Me Now?” Sean is given the spotlight as the main character. Sean Datz had spent the whole time hiding behind everybody. We were fully aware that Fuuko had already started the recruitment process for him. Up to this point he has had nothing to do, and only appears when the story needs him.

We learned about his past, and it was pretty heartbreaking. Being a supporting character is usually miserable, but Fuuko makes it impossible for anyone to be depressed. She convinced Sean to get back into the fight, like before. Read on to know all about the upcoming chapter 150 of Undead Unluck.

Undead Unluck Chapter 150 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Undead Unluck Chapter 150


On March 12, 2023, the 150th chapter of the Undead Unluck manga will be published. The title of the chapter has not been revealed yet.

Chapter 149 Recap

Undead Unluck Chapter 150

Sean Datz, who at all times wanted to be the main character, is now forced to play a supporting role in the conflict as he runs for cover from Creed’s machine gun.

We find out that before the fight started, Sean was engaged by Fuuko. Sean was willing to help Fuuko because he believed it would make him the center of attention and since Fuuko desperately needed his superpower, Unseen. Although the rest of the crew was fighting for their lives, he remained unseen the whole time.

Sean yells at Fuuko when she calls for help as he does not realize they’re on a real battlefield. He tries to run away, but Creed starts shooting at him as he can see the Fuuko emblem stuck to her head.

He makes another try to escape and tells Creed that he’s not with Fuuko, but Creed is skeptical and considers him wrong. Sean becomes depressed after seeing everybody’s fierce fight, and then we revisit his past.

He at all times wanted to be a famous actor, but every time he flashes, his power makes him invisible. Despite the undeniable fact that he’s now the talk of the town, nothing goes in his favor. At that time, a gangster hired him. His memory is interrupted by Fuuko, who informs him that he’s not a support figure. Like any shounen protagonist, she starts with a motivational speech to get him back up.

The only things he could make invisible in the previous line were himself and his own possessions. Sean remembers a conversation he had with his father in which he told him that the undeniable fact that Sean was on the show made him a minor character and did not worry him much. Sean now has the ability to make his allies invisible.

So, using his skills to sneak up behind Creed, Fuuko hits him hard in the back, which causes Creed to drop the gun.

Speculation About Undead Unluck Chapter 150

Undead Unluck Chapter 150

In chapter 150 of Undead Unluck, Creed may comply with join Fuuko’s team. It will not be easy to convince him, but Fuuko will ensure he remembers his previous life and succeeds in doing it.

The next chapter will still be totally focused on Creed because Billy is still out of the picture, and we do not think we’ll move on to Billy yet.

There is a possibility that Billy will try to surprise Fuuko. After the successful recruitment of Creed, I do not believe that the successful recruitment of Billy will be such a difficult challenge, but you never know when the story will take a turn that’s entirely unforeseen.

Where To Read Undead Unluck Manga Online?

Undead Unluck Chapter 150

If you are someone who is into things like characters with superpowers that aren’t overly exaggerated but are obtained in one way or another and are okay with a certain level of nudity since it’s an eechi manga, then you should certainly read Undead Unluck. It covers a broad range of genres, including fantasy, romance, and the paranormal.

You can read the manga in Weekly Shonen Jump, otherwise you can do a Google search using the name of the manga, and it will offer you websites where you can read the manga in the original Japanese language or with an English translation.