Volume 3 of the well-known documentary series “UNTOLD” from the streaming service will be available on Netflix soon.

The four-week Untold Vol 3 summer event starts on August 1st. Vol 3 of the Untold docuseries features Jake Paul, Johnny Manziel, Victor Conte, Tim Tebow, and the Florida Gators. The four-week summer event will begin on Netflix on August 1st.

The first episode, “Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child,” takes viewers behind the scenes with the online celebrity turned pro boxer, who has been making waves in “The Sweet Science” for quite some time.

The episode airs instantly before Jake Paul’s upcoming fight against former UFC fighter Nate Diaz on Saturday, August 5, in Dallas, Texas.

UNTOLD Vol. 3 Official Trailer from Netflix

Volume 3 of the well-known documentary series “UNTOLD” from the streaming service will be available on Netflix soon. The same series last year also explored the rise and fall of AND1 in addition to the catfishing of Manti Te’o at Notre Dame.

This time, the series will cover two topics that SEC fans consider essential. Johnny Manziel’s rise to fame at Texas A&M will be the subject of one section, while Urban Meyer’s time as the head coach of the Florida Gators will be the subject of another.

On Tuesday, Netflix released the trailer for Volume 3 and other videos about boxer Jake Paul and the Balco drug controversy. “Do you believe you just saw something? You ain’t seen nothing yet, Manziel says in one video. Then Meyer says, “This is going to be Un-F——ing-believable.”

As for Volume 3, Netflix provided the following synopsis:

UNTOLD Vol.  3

Jake Paul takes viewers on a journey as he tries to revolutionize the fight industry, follows the rise and fall of Johnny Manziel, and delves into the dark web that Victor Conte and Balco have woven to bring down famous athletes in a drug dispute.

Finally, the definitive narrative of the Florida Gators’ incredible college football journey from 2005 to 2010 is published.

It features Coach Urban Meyer and notable players, including Tim Tebow, Brandon Siler, and Brandon Spikes.

Each character-driven narrative is built on honest, personal first-person experiences from people who have experienced it, revealing the laughter, perseverance, heartache, victory, and even the humor behind the sweat.

Episodes of Untold Vol. 3

UNTOLD Vol.  3

The full list of episodes is as follows:

Untold: Jake Paul, the Problem Child, will be released on August 1st

Untold: Johnny Football will be released on August 8th

Untold: Hall of Shame will be released on August 15th

Untold: Swamp Kings will be released on August 22nd

The opening three episodes of the series will last about 70-75 minutes, with The Swamp Kings receiving four episodes lasting about 40-45 minutes each.

Untold Vol 3 is executive produced by Ben Silverman, Ryan Duffy, Howard T. Owens, Chapman Way, Louise Norman, Maclain Way, and Isabel San Vargas for Propagate; Mike Seander, Doug Banker, and Tom Sheahan for RAW. The directors are:

Andrew Renzi,

Bryan Storkel

Katharine English

Ryan Duffy.