Self-doubt is something that can get in the way of anyone, even if you are someone nearly as good as celebrity fashion designer and former pop artist Victoria Beckham.

The renowned fashion designer who was once a popular singer recently sat down in an interview on the Armchair Expert podcast and looked back down memory lane to recall her early days when she once chose to sing a theater song during audition for Spice Girls, while every other participant sang either a Madonna song or pop songs.

She acknowledged that the judges must have noticed her but she still does not understand how they chose her as she believes she was quite average back then, now that she remembers those days.

Victoria Beckham Recalls her early days and believes she was average during that time.

Victoria Beckham
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Victoria Beckham also spoke about days during her run with Spice girlshow each of the group members was different from one another but worked exceptionally well when put together as a team.

Victoria started dating a popular footballer David Beckham back in 1997 when they met one another after a Manchester United game. The following year, Beckham proposed to Victoria in a restaurant, and the couple got engaged and married a year later in Ireland 23 years have passed since the duo married.

In 2001, Victoria signed to Virgin records after the Spice Girls split and later released her Solo album which charted in the UK top 10 singles. And after so much success she became a name all over the world and a renowned television personality.

Today Victoria is probably the most popular fashion designers not only in the UK but all over the world, she also owns a beauty cosmetic line called Victoria Beckham Beauty which is doing amazingly well in the market. It’s really rare to see an enormous star like Victoria come on a podcast and speak about being average, so big kudos to her.