The film is just the latest to appear after the European country has proven to be a solid provider of content, specifically in fantasy. “Viking Wolf,” NetflixThe latest Norwegian monster horror film, it has all the hallmarks of a teenage horror classic like “The twilight” or “Ginger Snaps.”

Besides the expansive beauty of the Scandinavian environment, it fails to give something original, because of the combined sleep of a cliched monster plot and dull human characters.

The explanation of the ending of Viking Wolf: Why Liv Sacrifice herself?

Viking Wolf

Thales begins to experience uncommon visions and strange desires after being bitten by the wolf. Meanwhile, Liv Berg, the officer in control of the inquiry, is visited by a man named Lars Broden, who convinces her that he’s a lycanthrope.

Even although the cops do not accept the old man’s story, he gives them a silver bullet. Liv establishes that a wolf was responsible for the death of the mayor’s daughter after discovering a claw in the woods, obtaining the post-mortem report, and meeting with an expert from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science.

Then organize a search team. She, Sheriff Eilert, and other hunters enter the woods and discover another disfigured body.

Everything becomes tricky when the wolf appears and starts attacking many members of the team. Officer Berg meets the beast as it tries to get out of the copper mine she had entered to carry out the investigation.

You fire quite a lot of shots, but the big monster is not affected by regular bullets. Thales’ mother uses the silver bullet to kill the wolf just before losing the conflict.

While Liv’s arm will take six weeks to mend from a broken bone, Eilert was bitten and is now recovering in hospital. After so many fatalities, the authorities think the horror is over, but a discovery changes the situation. The wolf’s missing claws are replaced by nails on his corpse.

When Liv goes to Lars for clarification, the older man explains that he’s a warg or werewolf; if bitten, a person will move gradually. The only way to end the curse is to kill the last werewolf before it bites another victim and starts the blood cycle again.

What happens to Thale at the end of Viking Wolf?

Viking Wolf
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Now that Liv is aware of her child’s drastic transformation, she decides not to kill the child and instead chooses to calm him down. When the tranquilizer fails to work, Liv, Jenny, and the animal specialist are forced to find cover.

For some reason, Lars crashes his vehicle into the Liv warehouse and the others are taking refuge in it, injuring the veteran wolf hunter and causing him to be devoured alive by Thale. Later, Jenny shoots her wolf sister with another tranquilizer arrow; this time, the creature is unconscious.

At the end, Liv is seen walking into space where the wolf-Thale is still tied to the table and asleep. She decides to check on her daughter, a difficult choice. In the closing scene, Thale’s mother, devastated, enters her room and places the silver bullet that killed her on the bedside table.