In Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 22, Thorfinn makes a daring decision in the presence of Einar and Snake.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 22 Ending Explained: In Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 22 titled ‘Emperor of the Rebellion’ or ‘The King of the Rebellion,’ something intense happens.

Thorfinn, one of the main characters, is brutally beaten by one of the guards working for the King. This guard wants Thorfinn to give up and stop.

Despite the injuries he suffers, Thorfinn doesn’t give up. Not only does he keep going, but he also convinces another person named Wulf that he deserves the chance to meet Canute, who is a vital figure. Then, something surprising happens.

When the King and Thorfinn meet one another, two other characters named Einar and Wulf are shocked to learn that Thorfinn was the one who cut off the King’s face a few years ago. This adds an unforeseen twist to the story.

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Brief Recap Of Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 22

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 22
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In Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 22, Thorfinn makes a daring decision in the presence of Einar and Snake.

He allows one of the King’s guards to repeatedly beat him under a selected condition: if he can endure 100 hits, he will be given the opportunity to meet Canute.

Einar watches in horror as this happens, while Snake arrives and realizes the gravity of the situation.

Suddenly, a single punch knocks Thorfinn unconscious, and Snake rushes to his side, shocked by Thorfinn’s sacrifice for the sake of the farm. Snake can hardly believe that Thorfinn went to such extreme lengths.

Meanwhile, Wulf observes the scene from a distance, and tries to understand what sort of person Thorfinn is. Despite the extreme pain, Thorfinn refuses to give up. He gets to his feet and urges the guard to continue hitting him.

The guard becomes angry and feels insulted, but try as he might, he fails to break Thorfinn’s resolve.

Later, Wulf asks Thorfinn why he did not use his remarkable skills to defeat the guard. Thorfinn reveals a profound truth: as someone who carries a message of peace, he cannot engage in violence, even when provoked.

This revelation gives insight into Thorfinn’s complex character and his steadfast commitment to his principles.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 22 Ending Explained: Does Canute Accept Thorfinn’s Proposal?

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 22

After Wulf gives Thorfinn permission to meet the King, Thorfinn goes to Canute to inform him of the recent events. Canute hears the entire story and eventually agrees to meet Thorfinn. A couple of minutes later, the two come face to face after many years.

Canute expresses regret and believes that Thorfinn must hate him for enslaving him. He also mentions what happened to Askeladd, where he shows his will.

However, Thorfinn holds no resentment towards the King and expresses gratitude for being alive, despite once drawing a blade against the Danish royalty.

This revelation surprises Wulf, as he introduces Canute to Thorfinn Karlsefni, a man known to be an equal match for Thorkell in combat.

Thorfinn apologizes for the scar on the King’s face, leaving Einar shocked to learn that his peaceful friend once raised a weapon against royalty.

After exchanging greetings, Thorfinn politely asks Canute to leave the farm. The King resists, emphasizing that it was Ketil and his men who started the conflict.

Thorfinn doesn’t defend his actions but argues that Canute has already caused great damage and loss of life to the farm, which will take years to repair.

Einar, full of rage, refuses to let Canute take the farm, as he has already suffered enough at the hands of royalty.

Thorfinn then asks if Canute still believes in his dream of making a peaceful paradise on earth. Canute doesn’t provide a direct answer but instead asserts his power as the chief of chiefs of the Vikings.

He claims to possess unimaginable powers but fails to stop the waves of the sea, acknowledging his powerlessness in the face of God’s control.

Canute argues that he and his men are savages who bring chaos and destruction, suggesting that they don’t deserve heaven. He declares himself the savior of the Vikings, the people abandoned by God.

Thorfinn realizes Canute’s great ambition to unite the Vikings, an idea that had never crossed his mind.

Meanwhile, Einar struggles to control his anger and desires to kill the King. Canute asks Thorfinn what he plans to do now that he rejects his peace proposal and insists on taking the farm.