Virgin River Season 3 Confirmed! All Mel and Jack fans can rejoice: Netflix orders a third season of the romantic series – as announced by the main actors themselves. Watch the video on Netzwelt.

Season 2 of the Netflix romantic series “Virgin River” is very popular with viewers. After the dramatic cliffhanger in the finale, fans eagerly await the third season. And series stars Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel) and Martin Henderson (Jack) have now officially announced this in a joint video! Watch the clip here:

The now confirmed third season of “Virgin River” will again include 10 episodes, as the American magazine TVLine reports. Then viewers can wait for the resolution of the big cliffhanger from the finale of season 2. We have already summarized some suspects for you in advance: “Virgin River”: Who wanted the death of Jack?

Virgin River Season 3 Officially Confirmed

Virgin River Season 3 Jack and Mel

The now announced third season between Mel and Jack should be hot too. But another couple is moving more and more into the foreground: “Virgin River”: a New It couple from the Netflix romantic series. Our great Netzwelt season guide tells you everything else about the upcoming 3rd season. And you should not miss 10 facts about the “Virgin River” that you possibly do not know yet.
f the Canadian press is not wrong, the shooting of season 3 of Virgin River began a few weeks ago, even before the second was launched on Netflix. Not yet announced as officially ordered, it is already very clear in the mind of its creator, Sue Tenney, who spoke to TVLine about the events to come.

SPOILERS Be careful if you have not finished Season 2.

About Doc first, what was the news he was going to give Hope, before being interrupted by the surprise party organized by his friends? The showrunner clearly prefers not to say too much, but confirms that “a lot of things happen to him” and that he will find himself in “a complex situation that will jeopardize his relationship with Hope. of course he will face this new challenge, but it is something that will have a clear impact on the practice of his profession in the future. The clinic and the town represent his whole life, so we will continue to explore this in depth. “