Vivo X80 Pro: It may be too early to say for sure if Vivo’s X80 Pro will ever raise the bar for mobile photography, but the company is back with another flagship device that aims to just do that.

X80 Pro Plus from Vivo The Vivo X80 Pro Plus is anticipated to have a starting price between $800 and $900.

It features Android 12, a 6.78-inch LTPO2 AMOLED display, a Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4 nm) chipset, a quad rear camera, and a 44MP selfie camera, in addition to 8GB, 12GB, 256GB, or 512GB of internal . storage.


Vivo X80 Pro

The Vivo X80 Pro has the same premium Android flagship look from the front as any other device. It is large in size because of the 6.78-inch screen, which has inclined and curved sides and a selfie camera in the center with a hole.

Although it’s not the smallest phone available, at 9.1mm, it nonetheless feels unbelievably thin thanks to its rounded sides. Likewise, while it weighs 219g, most phones of this size are still a bit heavier than average.

The scratch-resistant Schott Xensation Up glass on the display and Fluorite AG glass on the back both have curved sides that complement the matte-finished aluminum alloy frame. Although these smooth surfaces are good at preventing fingerprints and scratches, they also make the Vivo X80 Pro very slippery.

Vivo X80 Pro: Display

With the exception of thin, evenly spaced bezels on the top and bottom and the punch-hole selfie camera in the top half, the front of the X80 Pro is nearly fully covered by its display of 6.78 inches.

Unfortunately, the gentle side-to-side curvature of the screen makes it crystal clear that it does not offer the best viewing angles.

Vivo X80 Pro: Performance

Vivo X80 Pro

Another area where there is solely no cause for complaint is the core performance. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip from Qualcomm, the most powerful Snapdragon chip currently being offered in phones, powers the X80 Pro in its global variant. Although that is the only option you have, it comes with 256GB of non-expandable storage and 12GB of RAM.

Vivo aims to compete on a large scale with regards to Android releases. Although there doesn’t appear to be a particular guarantee on additional security solutions, the business guarantees three improvements to the Android operating system.

Also certified for HDR10+ playback, the Vivo X80 Pro’s display supports the format in apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.

The X80 Pro is the best device for watching movies or TV shows without earbuds as the stereo speakers can get loud and maintain clarity even at high volume. This, together with the brilliant display, also makes the X80 Pro a superb choice for gaming.

Battery life

The battery optimization tricks described above also seem unbelievably useless. With a 4,700mAh battery, the Vivo X80 Pro already has excellent battery life. I can easily get more than a day of moderate to heavy use out of it even while on the go.

Even better, you will not need to leave your phone plugged in overnight thanks to the quick charging options available.

The 80W wired charger that comes with the phone is crucial; in my testing, it restored the phone’s battery to 60% in 15 minutes and 98% in 30. As a result, you can most likely plug the phone in while having a shower and get a full day of use.