WandaVision Update: Marvel characters have been on the market for ages and the new Wandavision character has come out hugely popular.

The new merchandise of the character highlights the role of Monica Rambeau in the show.

The older version of the character was first introduced in Captain Marvel portrayed by Teyonah Parris and working with SWORD.

It will feature a reunion of the star-crossed lovers, Wanda Maximoff played by Elizabeth Olsen and Vision after the Infinity Saga.

WandaVision shows the pair living a perfect suburban family life. Constellating inspiration from classic sitcoms, the series will gradually progress to be the typical MCU project that appeals to fans.


Phase 4 of the MCU is also expected to bring back some familiar faces such as Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo. While on the other hand, Katherine Hahn, who officially enters the MCU through Agnes has yet to be confirmed. The most interesting character from WandaVision’s supporting roster, Monica is anticipated to assume her superhero persona as Spectrum in the franchise.

The release of WandaVision nearly in January 2021. The marketing for the show is sudden. Aside from the trailers and TV shots, related merchandise items are also out and available for purchase including a duplicate of Monica’s necklace as seen in the show. Walmart, which is responsible for the brand doesn’t light the neck piece. Instead, the retailer’s description of the item claims to trigger memories of Wanda.

Interestingly, the trailers reveal rumors going around that it’s Wanda who sends Monica flying from the fantasy world to the real world.

Another WandaVision feature spoiler…

Peppy Monica crashes Vision’s residence and is greeted by Wanda. With great conversation it grows; she is confused when Scarlet Witch asked her who she is. After Wanda notices Monica’s necklace, she has flashbacks of her memories explaining how she ended up in this false reality with Vision. Not wanting to accept the idea that the happy life she is living with her lover is not real, she freaks out and accidentally sends Monica flying.

It is worth noting that the first teaser revealed. The apparent couple doesn’t seem to remember fragments of their lives. When asked their neighbors who joined them for dinner.

In any case, Monica’s character sparks theories that somebody is secretly behind the shadow. He manipulated the situation as even Wanda was utterly unaware of what happened to her.