Robots, Aliens Vs Warriors of Future, are you all ready for the war of the century? Netflix’s plan to bring Asian content to its platform is in constant motion as it’s set to add another Chinese film to its endless library.

The Chinese film, Warriors of Future, has been acquired by Netflix and is finally coming to your screens on December 2nd. What is it about? Let’s check it out.

Sci-fi Movie Warriors of Future Deals with Real and Fictional Crisis

Future Warrior
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The story is set in Hong Kong. Humanity will go backwards when pollution and global warming increase to unimaginable levels. The world is hit by a celestial body that brings with it an alien vine.

The vine proves to be helpful to humanity as it helps in reducing smog, and other environmental problems. But as the vine grows, it kills everything in its path. Warriors of Future, as its name suggests, is about future warriors fighting for the future of humanity.

Warriors of Future is a big budget film that set production standards in the Chinese film industry. About 60 million dollars (HK$450m) was spent on its production. This is simply 20-something percent of an MCU movie and yet the CGI is of that level.

Warriors of Future became the highest grossing Chinese film in the city. Hong Kong is still struggling with ongoing lockdowns that have affected cinema seats. For a film to do so well in such conditions is not easy. Although there are mixed reviews about the story, its VFX stands out.

Talking about the direction, Warriors of Future was directed by a really well known vfx specialist, Ng Yuen Fai. It is also his directorial debut. Applaudable visual effects were expected from Yuen Fai. He has won awards for films such as Re-cycle, The Warlords and The Storm Warriors.

Warriors of Future was released in Hong Kong in August 2022. One Cool Production bought the idea in the art of films in 2018 when Louis Koo presented the idea for the first time. Since Koo is not a director, Ng Yuen Fai was then appointed to make this big budget for the eye.

The Cast of the film

Future Warrior
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The cast of Warriors of Future was full of prominent actors. It includes

Louis Koo as Tai Loi

Ching Wan Lau as Cheng Chung-Sang

Philip Keung as Skunk

Carina Lau as Tam Bing

Qian Wu as Luk

Nick Cheung as Lee Sing

Warriors of Future earned excellent returns in Hong Kong. The level of expectations is quite high from this project. If you’re a fan of sci-fi action stuffed with applaudable vfx, this movie is for you.