Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Update: Just as we all thought that the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead was doing a far better job than the previous season, the fifth episode of the sixth season proved us barely wrong. One of the main reasons the show’s current season is dragging behind is the not-so-terrible villain, Ginny. It absolutely does not compare to the level of awesome villains we have seen in shows like this.

The season continued with lots of melodrama going on and fans were particularly disappointed with Dwight and Sherry’s happy reunion because it wasn’t going to occur. Yes, disappointingly enough, Sherry does not care about Dwight at all even although he traveled midway around the globe to find her.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 5 detail

For her finding, Jimmy is more important to be united with her estranged husband. This does not seem practical because when people really love one another, it does not seem to be someone can turn into something scary again.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6

Another over-the-top thing in this show is certainly an allergic reaction to any romance. The episode ends with Ginny still alive and somehow all the lovers end up partnered with one another.

The only good thing we got in this episode was that Morgan confessed that he tried to change everybody in his mini-self which was no good at all. Although the episode couldn’t be marked as fully horrible, it was absolutely weak, weaker than the third episode which was the low point of this season.

We cannot fully deny that this season has seen lots of improvement compared to the previous season but many things do not seem to go well even this season and look uneven.

We cannot forget the AI ​​SWAT van scene which seemed fully ridiculous for a plot for today’s generation series. The script and also many things in this season need improvement and we hope that the upcoming episodes of Fear the Walking Dead season 6 won’t disappoint the fans as the previous episodes did.