We Know Everything About the New Netflix Original Movie Windfall

Netflix will be releasing a lot more original movies this year. One of these original movies is Windfall, a thriller movie.

Windfall, directed by Charlie McDowell is an American original thriller suspense comedy American movie from Netflix. Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker will screenwrite the movie’s screenplay. The stars who will be playing the leading roles are what really grab attention. This includes Lily Collins, Jason Segel (who played in How I Met Your Mother), Jesse Plemons and Jason Segel.

We Know Everything About the New Netflix Original Movie Windfall

This movie, which features the story of Justin Lader, Andrew Kevin Walker and Jason Segel, will be produced by Alex Orlovsky and Duncan Montgomery, Charlie McDowell and Jason Segel. It also stars Jesse Plemons and Jack Selby.

High Frequency Entertainment and Cloudbreak Pictures will be the production companies. Netflix (Two), will be the distributor.

The story of a wealthy couple who visit their vacation home only to discover that a man has broken into their home will be told in this ‘Hitchcockian thriller’ movie. Negotiations begin and a hostage situation is created.

Netflix acquired the film in July 2021 for a huge eight-figure deal. This was just after the movie’s production had ended earlier that year.

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We Know Everything About the New Netflix Original Movie Windfall

The thriller shows that the movie will be minimally populated and will not feature many characters. Lily Collins, one of the leading cast members, revealed once that the movie was made and filmed during pandemic. This is to make the film more relatable in a remote environment.

Windfall: Release Date

It has been confirmed that Windfall will be available on Netflix on Friday, March 18, 2022. This means it will only take a few days.

It was reported in July 2021 that the movie was still in post-production. The filming took place in spring 2021, it was believed. Charlie McDowell, the director, revealed that filming was completed on March 17, 2021.

Windfall: The Trailer and Plot

We Know Everything About the New Netflix Original Movie Windfall

Unfortunately, the details of this story are not clear. We do know that the storyline is about a young couple, an arrogant tech billionaire and wife, who visit their vacation home only to discover that their home has been robbed.

Although it looks simple, what turns out to be a hostage situation or murder. We think so when we first see the trailer.

Netflix has released the trailer via its YouTube channel. The trailer shows Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons arriving at their vacation home. However, Lily suddenly meets Jason Segel, the robber.

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Jesse Plemons and Lily are seen trying to trick Jason Segel into letting them go. Jason then makes Lily and Jesse hostages and ties them up. Jason claims that Jesse owes money to many other people than him. We can see Jesse triggering Jason’s anger. Jason points the gun at Jesse’s head and we hear a gunshot. However, we don’t know what it is.

We can see Lily telling Jason at the end of the trailer that he isn’t a killer and that whatever he does next, he should not cross that line.

You can see the trailer in full here.

Windfall: The Cast

The trailer for Windfall shows that Jason Segel, Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons will be playing the leading roles. (Jesse Plemons also played in Breaking Bad).

Omar Leyva will also be there, but his identity is still unknown. Other than these four characters, information about any other characters is scarce, if any.

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