Jenna Ortega is about to shine once more on a stage where people like them Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilishand Timothée Chalamet once performed. The 20-year-old actress has been winning the hearts of individuals all over the world with her acting and has become probably the most popular names in the entertainment industry.

the Jane the Virgin the star’s success is no accident, she has been showing off her talent since the age of 12 and the Gen Z star is among the biggest names in popular culture.

Jenna has been receiving awards and accolades for her performance on the Netflix series Wednesday and growing her star power to raise the bar, Jenna is set to host the Saturday Night Live Show on March 11th.

This will be an enormous feather in the cap of the actress and to make things even better the band “The 1975” will even be part of the show making their second appearance on SNL.

Jenna Ortega to Host SNL.

Jenna Ortega
Seventeen Magazine

Reportedly, Jenna will be performing in skits and introducing musical performances from 1975. Before Jenna’s debut, other popular names that will be part of the show in the coming weeks are actor. Woody Harrelsona musician Jack Whitefootball player Travis Kelceand a singer Kelsea Ballerini.

Jenna took to her Instagram and shared the photos of a good image of three index cards with her name, the date and the name of the band respectively written on them.

Jenna is actually thrilled about her next career feat and so are her fans but there are various fans who believe that it’s a big step for Jenna and this has shared the social media, we have seen various kinds of opinions from fans on Twitter where some believe that Jenna will absolutely rock.

While some are doubtful about this but one thing is confirmed the episode will be a classic and will catch the attention of individuals all over the world considering the popularity of Jenna Ortega.