Wednesday, a new Netflix series, is anticipated to debut on Netflix in the latter half of 2022. Netflix came out on top in the competition to amass the global distribution rights to the show, beating out all of its other potential distributors to claim the win.

The show is based on the well-known character Wednesday Addams, who appeared in the tv series Addams Family. Tim Burton, renowned director, is responsible for directing the show.

The show’s creators are Miles Millar and Al Gough. The production company behind Wednesday’s creation is already known to be MGM TV, and Burton will serve as both executive producer and director. Gail Berman, Andrew Mittman, and Jon Glickman all served as co-producers on the Originals with Burton.

The Addams Family has amassed a large fan base around the globe and has been the subject of various films and tv shows over the years. Having said that, read on to learn more information about the upcoming Netflix series, including the premiere date, cast, story, and all other pertinent information.

Series Release Date Wednesday

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Wednesday will make its debut on Netflix on November 23, 2022, according to the announcement made by the makers of the show. The first season of the Wednesday series will have a total of eight episodes, and it has already been confirmed by the creators.

Each episode has a runtime of 60 minutes. The shooting of the project began in Romania in September 2021. The production lasted during the Fall and Winter, and came to an end on February 10, 2022, having been carried out throughout both seasons .

Cast And Major Characters In The Series

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This upcoming Wednesday series will feature a number of prominent cast members and characters. The list includes

1. Jenna Ortega will portray the role of Wednesday Addams

2. Luis Guzman will portray the role of Gomez Addams

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones will portray the role of Morticia Addams

4. Riki Lindhome will portray the role of Dr. Valerie Kinbott

5. Jamie McShane will portray the role of Sheriff Donovan Galpin

6. Hunter Doohan will portray the role of Tyler Galpin

7. Georgie Farmer will portray the role of Ajax Petropolus

8. Moosa Mostafa will portray the role of Eugene Otinger

9. Emma Myers will portray the role of Enid Sinclair

10. Naomi J. Ogawa will portray the role of Yoko Tanaka

11. Joy Sunday will portray the role of Bianca Barclay

12. Percy Hynes White will portray the role of Xavier Thorpe

13. Gwendoline Christie will portray the role of Larissa Weems

Plotline Details


The titular character’s days as a student at Nevermore Academy in the city of Jericho, where she has both friends and enemies, are explored in depth in the Netflix original series Wednesday.

“Wednesday” is a young adult television series based on the character of Charles Addams which is billed as a supernaturally laced investigative mystery that follows Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy.

She must manage brand new and complex relationships, master her developing psychic gift, and stop a horrific killing spree that has terrorized the neighborhood school. As if this was not enough, Wednesday also had to solve the paranormal case in which her parents were involved 25 years ago.

Wednesday: Is it a Limited Series?

It is currently unknown if Wednesday will only be available on Netflix for one season. We haven’t any doubt that Wednesday will be an incredible success with the viewers and that it’ll rank amongst the most Netflix Originals followed by Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and The Witcher.

Tim Burton, who is in command of the show as showrunner, director, and executive producer, will most likely have a big say in whether it gets a second season or not.

Is there a Trailer?

A new new clip from Wednesday, showing the Addams girl’s new school, Nevermore Academy, became available on Netflix. The stated aim of the school is to “help each student to master his particular strengths.”

In the following series, we will see how Wednesday Addams enrolls in the school her parents attended so that she can improve her psychic skills.

According to the new video, she will be seen participating in extracurricular activities such as “painting for archery,” amongst other things. The video also introduces us to a number of youngsters who undoubtedly feel alone in the real world and who we will undoubtedly see interacting with our reclusive main character.

In addition, viewers are encouraged to submit their applications to attend the strange school by watching the video. You can watch the teaser trailer by clicking on the following link: