The latest Wendell and Wild movie trailer will make you go crazy so certainly watch this. It’s essentially a stop-motion American horror comedy. The trailer was able to make you feel scary with the presence of demonic characters, monsters, and scary nuns.

This animation really feels like a treat to watch.

The protagonist of the film Wendell & Wild leads Kat Elliot (Lyric Ross) is an orphan. Wendell & Wild is totally brimming with ideas. The film is solely a result of thoughtless imagination and fantasy.

Animation films are like a blank canvas that gives the artist complete freedom to paint whatever they’re willing to paint on it.

Let’s discuss more in detail about this animated movie below:

Wendell and the Wild Release Date:

Wendell and Savage

The animated film Wendell and Wild will be broadcast on October 21, 2022. So we do not have to wait for a long time to see this animated film.

It will be released in select US theaters on October 21st but on Netflixwill be streamed on October 28, 2022.

The exact running time of this animated film is 1 hour and 45 minutes. The running time is neither too long nor too short as it’s accurate to watch in one shot, you won’t feel bored when watching it.


The trailer will make you feel crazy about the movie. Your heart will be crammed with a combination of emotions and you’ll feel happy, mysterious, excited, and you’ll feel afraid.

If you have not seen the trailer yet click on the link below to access the same:

I assure you that you’ll not regret watching the trailer.

Wendell and Wild star cast:

You will be seeing the actors listed below voicing the characters in the animated film:

•Angela Bassett voices (Black Panther)
•James Hong voices (Kung Fu Panda)
• Ving Rhames voices (Pulp Fiction)
• Keegan-Michael Key voices (Key & Peele)
• Kat Elliott was voiced by Lyric Ross

The Plot of the film

Wendell and Savage

The story revolves around two misguided demon brothers particularly Wendell and Wild. And the two brothers will be kept by a nun whose name is Sister Helly.

It is also the story of a stubborn young man named Kat Elliot who will be helped by the demon brothers. He is simply a 13-year-old boy. But the real twist in the film starts when he asks for something totally unforeseen in return which will lead to many adventures and comic scenes in the animated film.

I hope you now have enough information about this upcoming animated movie on Netflix.
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