Wentworth Season 8 Updates: Wentworth Season 8 returns to the screen this year only a few months ago on July 28th. Because of this the audience and fans are quite happy and pleasant. The show is airing with a legacy of a new episode every week on Tuesday. This season of the show took a year to return to the screens.

Wentworth season 8 will have ten episodes and currently, nine are out. The current season of this show is the penultimate season. Since there’s an announcement that the show will end in 2021. So now everyone seems to be excited and waiting for the ninth season in 2021.

We discuss the current season that’s season 8. Wentworth has its own place in the top 50 list of the best Netflix TV shows from the life of Netflix. An earlier eighth season of Wentworth was expected in early 2020.

But as a result of the deadly Corona pandemic, the show has some delays and at last returns to the screens in July. The pandemic has its impact everywhere. But the release of the new season in such times is a work of appreciation. Thanks to the production team and everybody for their hard work.

Recapturing Wentworth 8 Episode 9:

Wentworth Season 8

Wentworth season 8 episode 9 titled ‘Monster’ represents many things. Reb is scared when new remand prisoner Sheila Busch arrives at Wentworth. She is in it because of theft charges.

Her history and past reveal that she is related to the clinic where Lou and Reb once lived. Which are some of the painful memories for Reb. Judy after taking LSD loses her control and helps herself against stress.

When Ann returns to her job she finds out that Lou has caught her. She then says that Allie was there who lagged her. Meanwhile, Joan’s hearing arrives and Vera gets help from Allie to drug Joan so that she will confess during the trial. Joan runs a bad trip and keeps seeing a girl with bloody hands.

Which is later revealed to be Joan’s daughter only. Lou returns from the slot and confronts Sheela. Then everybody there finds out that Lou is keeping something as a secret. At the same time, Lou is plotting revenge on Allie for staying behind.

So do not miss the last episode of Wentworth season 8. It would be fun to see a further story.