What is the Halo Silver Timeline and how can you help??

The Halo TV series will feature a timeline that is different from “Silver Timeline”. If you’re interested in the Halo TV series, then maybe you’re also curious about what Silver Timeline means.

343 Industries, custodian of Halo, has published a new article about Silver Timeline and the difference it makes from Halo’s corecanon. We have summarized all you need to know regarding Halo Silver Timeline.

What is the Halo Silver Timeline and how can you help?

What is the Halo Silver Timeline and how can you help??

The Halo Silver Timeline (or alternative Halo Timeline) was created specifically for the Halo TV Series. It refers to the Silver Team (a Spartan fireteam that appears in the TV series), while also being a nod towards the’silver’ screen.

343 Industries says that this alternate timeline was designed to maximize both video games and television series without limiting, distorting, or retconning any.

Frank O’Connor, Franchise Director of Halo, stated there were “real dangers in mapping a completely different medium – games to a linear narrative format TV or movie for that reason.” We want to ensure that neither the show or the game go in totally unnatural directions, not only because of the different perspectives and approaches that each medium makes sense.

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What is the relationship between the Silver Timeline and the Core Canon?

Although the Silver Timeline is not part of the Core Canon, it doesn’t mean the TV series creators have forgotten everything about Halo. The Silver Timeline heavily draws on existing Halo history, canon, characters, and other relevant information to support the linear narrative.

O’Connor stated that the TV show’s timeline is based on the universe, characters, and events established in the Core Canon. To ensure that everything is still logical for television, there will be subtle and not-so-subtle differences. While some events and character arcs will remain true to the core canon of Halo, there will be unexpected twists that Halo fans will not see coming.

O’Connor describes the Core Canon as “two parallels, very similar but ultimately distinct timelines whose main events will intersect and align throughout each of their very different cadences.”

Who is on the Silver Team?

Silver Team is a Spartan Fireteam that consists of at least three Spartan IIs. Riz-028, Kai125, and Vannak134 are confirmed members of Silver Team. These Spartans are not mentioned in any comic, video game, or book, so the Halo TV series has a lot of work ahead.

Is Master Chief part the Silver Team?

It appears that Master Chief is also part of the Silver Team, although this has yet to be confirmed. On Master Chief’s chest can be seen an emblem that looks similar to the Silver Team emblem. This would be a subtle distinction from the video games as Master Chief has always been part Blue Team in both the books and the video games.

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