Black Lightning will return for its fourth season in early 2021 on The CW and will be supporting Netflix in many regions all over the world in 2021. Here is Netflix’s current anticipated release schedule for Black Lightning season 4 and what we know so far.

Developed by Salim Akil, Black Lightning is among the new rosters within the Arrowverse that were initially slated to be targeted by Fox later in the day. Instead, it found its way to The CW and Netflix in many places all over the world.

Cress Williams stars as Jefferson Pierce, a crime-fighting boss who returns to his former life as Black Lightning. Some have been mentioning that Foreigners will be going to Black Lightning but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Black Lightning Season 4: Update

In recent years, new episodes of the show have aired every October in addition to other shows from the Arrowverse (a terrific guide on how to watch Arrowverse on Netflix here) on the CW.

That changes in season 4 as a result of the negative reasons that are the global epidemic and its impact on knocking on products all over the world where many articles from The CW have been affected.

Black Lightning Season 4-

As a result and next to the full list from The CW, its coverage of season 4 has been postponed to January 2021 even though no date has been announced. USA continues to amass Black Lightning as part of an old Netflix and CW release deal.

This show for shows released before fall 2019 sees all CW primetime shows coming to Netflix for new seasons about 9 days after their season ends.

This means that we currently expect the series to end at least three months later in 2021 and reach Netflix US between May and August 2021. Outside of the US, Netflix treats the show as a Netflix Original which includes regions such as the UK , Australia and Canada.

Although some of the earlier episodes hit Netflix internationally every week it stopped happening in season 3. Instead, the series drops on Netflix the same way as the US even although it is not precisely the same day.

So that means those outside the US can even expect a 2021 season 4 release date.

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