As of now, Netflix has not officially revealed the release date for the highly anticipated “Ballerina” movie.

When is Netflix K-drama Ballerina Coming? Also, Ballerina is a hotly anticipated South Korean Netflix original revenge thriller film, skillfully directed and written by the talented Lee Chung Hyun.

Following his previous success with South Korean horror film The Call, this marks his second directorial venture for the streaming giant.

The film is produced by Choi Ji-young, known for The Gangster, while Byun Seung-Min, recognized for Bargain, serves as the executive producer.

Excitement for Ballerina has been building since its filming concluded in November 2022. As the second K-drama thriller from Lee Chung Hyun for Netflixaudiences are expecting a gripping and enthralling experience.

The film reunites the dynamic duo of Jeon Jong Seo and Kim Ji Hoon, who impressed viewers with their performances in Money Heist: Korea.

Fans can look forward to the release of this enthralling production, as “Ballerina” will hit Netflix screens in October 2023. The film promises to deliver a gripping and intense narrative, making it an unmissable addition to the fascinating world of Netflix K-dramas.

Ballerina Netflix K-Drama Release Date: When Is It Coming?


As of now, Netflix has not officially revealed the release date for the highly anticipated “Ballerina” movie.

However, there are rumors circulating that a tentative date of Friday, October 6, 2023, has been considered for release.

It’s important to understand that release dates are subject to change, and Netflix is ​​likely to announce the confirmed date in the near future.

Fans who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of “Ballerina” can stay tuned for the official announcement from Netflix, which is anticipated to be revealed soon.

Until then, excitement continues to build for this South Korean Netflix Original thriller Revenge, directed by Lee Chung Hyun and featuring a stellar cast including Jeon Jong Seo and Kim Ji Hoon.

What To Expect From Netflix’s K-drama Ballerina?


The Netflix K-drama “Ballerina” follows the thrilling journey of Ok Ju, a former bodyguard with exceptional skills in diverse physical disciplines such as martial arts, sword fighting, gunmanship, and motorbike riding.

As the narrative unfolds, we learn that Ok Ju shares a close friendship with Min Hee, a talented ballerina.

However, their lives take a dramatic turn when Min Hee approaches Ok Ju with a desperate plea for revenge against Pro Choi.

Despite the danger and danger ahead, Ok Ju selflessly agrees to fulfill her friend’s wish, putting her life on the line to seek revenge.

As the story progresses, the audience will be captivated by the extreme and gripping journey of Ok Ju, who embarks on a dangerous path of revenge for the sake of her dear friend, Min Hee.

Who Are The Major Cast Members In Netflix K-drama Ballerina?


“Ballerina” will reunite the talented cast members from the Korean adaptation of Money Heist, Jeon Jong Seo, and Kim Ji Hoon, for one more thrilling Netflix project.

Jeon Jong Seo takes on the role of Ok Joo, well recognized by Netflix subscribers as Tokyo from Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, and also known for her stellar performance in the Netflix horror film The Call as Oh Yeong Sook.

In addition to her Netflix roles, Jeon Jong Seo has made a mark in the industry with her appearances in the K-drama Bargain, in addition to notable films such as Nothing Serious and Burning.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Hoon will take on the role of Choi Pro, showing off his exceptional acting skills yet again. He previously wowed audiences as Denver in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area and has also made appearances in other Netflix projects such as Behind Every Star.

In addition, Kim Ji Hoon will star in the upcoming K-drama series Love that Hated You. His talent extends beyond Netflix as well, with memorable roles in dramas like Rich Family’s Son, Bad Thief, Good Thief, and Flower of Evil.

Additionally, the talented Park Yoo Rim joins the cast as Min Hee, marking her first leading role since her debut in the Dxyz series in 2017.

She previously starred in Netflix Originals in guest and supporting roles, incl My First First Love, Kingdomand Attorney Extraordinary Wooit shows her versatility as an actress.

The combination of these talented actors and the intriguing plot of “Ballerina” is bound to create an extraordinary and unforgettable viewing experience for audiences around the globe.