The highly anticipated 115th chapter of the Dandadan manga series is all set to publish in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

When Is Chapter 115 Of Dandadan Coming? Well, the highly anticipated chapter 115 of the Dandadan manga series is all set to publish in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

This highly anticipated chapter is scheduled to be released sometime in July 2023. Fans around the globe can rejoice as they will be capable to read it on Shueisha and Viz Media, two of the world’s most famous digital libraries.

This latest installment has generated immense excitement amongst Dandadan fans, as it marks the long-awaited arrival of Kinta Sakata on the battlefield.

His enthralling entrance undoubtedly stole the show, and all eyes are on him to be the one who can bring an end to the continuous battle.

With Okarun’s abilities exhausted, Kinta emerges as the last hope for a victorious outcome, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the destiny of the epic confrontation. Continue reading this piece of article to know in detail everything about Dandadan Chapter 115.

Dandadan Chapter 115 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Dandadan Chapter 115

The highly anticipated Chapter 115 of the Dandadan manga series is all set for release today, Monday, July 24, 2023, at 8:30. The wait is finally over, and readers from around the globe can dive into the thrilling continuation of the story.

The latest chapter will be easily accessible on numerous official websites, including Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shueisha, catering to a wide global audience.

In addition, for those who prefer to read on the go, the chapter will even be available on the popular online manga apps, Shonen Jump+ and MangaPlus.

With multiple platforms to pick from, followers of Yukinobu Tatsu’s magnum opus can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Dandadan, eagerly uncovering the next chapter of this epic tale.

Dandadan Chapter 114 Recap

Dandadan Chapter 115
Attack of the Fanboy

In the action-packed Dandadan Chapter 114, the situation took a dangerous turn as Okarun used his last remaining All Out to save Momo from a monstrous alien threat.

While angered by Momo’s recklessness in risking her life, Okarun was relieved that she was unhurt.

Both exhausted and drained of energy, they found themselves unable to defend themselves against the relentless alien pursuit. However, their luck turned when Vamola returned in her dress and guarded them from harm.

Meanwhile, Mantis and Aira selflessly paved the way for Okarun and Momo to close the interdimensional portal, preventing more aliens from invading Earth.

The battlefield saw a sudden transformation when a cephalopod alien breached Vamola’s Kaiju suit, changing her appearance to resemble an actual Kaiju monster.

Despite Momo’s plea, Aira and the others were unable to save Vamola from the alien’s grasp. Just as hope seemed dim, a heroic figure named Kinta appeared, fearlessly charging the alien horde and encouraging a renewed sense of hope.

Then, riding his new bike, Kinta made way for Momo and Okarun, taking out several aliens along the way. Although late to the party, he humbly apologized to everybody as he turned the tide of battle with his brave and timely arrival.

What To Expect From Dandadan Chapter 115?

Dandadan Chapter 115
Attack of the Fanboy

As Dandadan fans eagerly await the highly anticipated Chapter 115, there are not any pertinent spoilers to fuel the thrill.

However, expectations for this next installment are rising, as it promises a pivotal moment in history.

Momo’s relentless determination will pay off as she finally succeeds in her mission to close the interdimensional portal, a critical step in their battle against the alien invasion.

However, the situation remains grim for Vamola, caught in the clutches of a terrifying alien cephalopod.

All eyes are now on Kinta, who emerges as the last hope for saving Vamola. His unique ability to confront the Kaiju suit using his awe-inspiring mecha Buddha construction, the Great Kinta Bodhisattva, Zeta Version, makes him the beacon of hope in this desperate hour.

With the stakes at an all-time high, fans cannot wait to see how this gripping rescue mission unfolds and whether Kinta’s extraordinary powers will be the turning point that determines Vamola’s destiny and the outcome of the epic battle against the alien invaders.