When a Black Knight Comes Netflix? Also, the Netflix series Black Knight, which stars Kim Woo-bin, has created a buzz around the internet with the latest posters and release date.

Afterwards Kim Woo-binthe newest appearance of fi Our bluesanother Netflix drama, fans are now eagerly awaiting his return to action in The Black Knight.

The latest promo for Netflix shows Black Knight shows a serious Kim Woo-bin wearing a mask and standing in front of a barren world that’s being covered by a sandstorm.

The sight of delivery individuals chasing after a vehicle arouses the audience’s interest in the cruel environment of the Black Knight.

The Netflix series Black Knight, which is based on the well-known webcomic Taekbaegisa, is set in the year 2071 when pollution has reached catastrophic proportions and respirators are essential for survival. Kim Woo Bin is prepared to play the role of the ruthless, 5-8.

If you are curious to know more about this series then read this article till the end. Everything related to the series will be discussed in detail here in this article including the release date, cast, story, and, all other related updates.

When Is Netflix’s Black Knight Coming Out?

Black Knight

The release date for the first episode of Black Knight, a dystopian television series produced by Netflix, is set for Friday, May 12, 2023, and will be available to stream on Netflix.

Each episode of Black Knight will run nearly 60–70 minutes, making it an ideal choice for a series to watch in its entirety during a weekend binge session.

What is the Plotline of the Series?

Black Knight
About Netflix

You will find yourself transported to the year 2071 by watching the Black Knight series on Netflix. This series takes place in a world where the damaged remains of a society torn apart by pollution and the class gap are fighting for their lives.

The revered deliveryman 5-8 and the refugee Sa-wol are introduced, both of whom are fighting for a better life against the ruling Cheonmyeong group.

The harsh societal distinctions that are enforced by QR codes, together with the inevitable lack of resources that will be present in this bleak future, threaten to widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots in -Black Knight.

The legendary Knight 5-8, known for his unparalleled combat abilities, appears in the midst of this chaos.

Sa-Wol is a young man who has high ambitions and a deep love for the hero in shining armor. Sa-Wol is adopted and raised as one of the family by Seol-A, an officer in the Defense Intelligence Command.

The three navigate the dangerous waters of this new world together. In a world where the chances of becoming a knight are slim, Sa-Wol’s ambition to become a knight is feasible with the help of Knights 5-8.

Major Casts In The Series.

Black Knight on Netflix stars Kim Woo-bin, Song Seung-Heon, and Kang You-Seok amongst its main actors. Aiming to give hope to refugees, Black Knight will enter the lives of three individuals who are fighting for survival. Let’s take a closer look at each of them individually:

1. Kim Woo-bin will take the role of 5-8

Kim Woo-bin

Kim Woo-bin portrays the renowned deliveryman 5-8 in the Netflix series Black Knight. In Black Knight, where law and order are but a distant memory, he personifies the strong character needed to succeed.

2. Song Seung-Heon will take the role of Ryu Seok

Seung-Heon song

Playing the part of Ryu Seok, the vicious and brutal son of the chairman of the Chun Myung Group Ryu Hae Jin, he Seung-Heon song.

Ryu Seok, who is jealous of his father’s achievements, is finally destroyed by his preoccupation to succeed. The famous delivery guy 5-8 and Ryu Seok are at odds with one another.

3. Kang-seok will take the role of Sa-Wol


Kang Yoo-Seok plays Sa-wol, a teenage refugee with aspirations to become a rendition like his hero 5-8, in the Netflix series.

4. Esom will take the role of Seol-ah


Exom plays the role of Seol-ah, a military officer in the Defense Intelligence Command, in the tv series Black Knight which is available on Netflix. After saving Sa-wol’s life, she takes him under her wing and guides him.

Is There A Trailer For The Netflix Series?

Yes, a trailer for the upcoming series Black Knight has already been released. The disturbing setting of Kim Woo Bin’s acclaimed performance as the renowned deliveryman 5-8, whose job it’s to save lives and deliver necessities, is revealed in the teaser for the Netflix series Black Knight.

5-8 charges ahead, intending to carry out his duties despite the increasing urgency brought on by the presence of other hunters and the depletion of oxygen.

The Black Knight teaser shows a future society with advanced technology and QR codes serving as the primary means of important communication. You can watch the trailer for Black Knight right above: