The Lava Floor Season 4- The show that has three teams means three contestants who fight to reach the top of the volcano and earn $10000. They must not fall into the lava or they will be out of the game.

Each season we have a different set of contestants. There were several participants on the show. The first season saw the participation of the Virzi brothers, the shepherds, shadi and the twins, the tennis trio, the teachers, the little league dad, the mama’s boys, it -triple threat, the edutainers, the doctors,

nurses, party animals, flight attendants, hot ladies on fire, total package, karaoke crew, alpha betta fish, Bostonians, brothers, tri force heroes, battling bros, co- retail workers, basketballers, the climbers, the extinguishers, the bros, sd babes, the gain squad.

The Lava Floor Season 4

Season 1 was released in 2020. Then season 2 was bigger and wider than the previous season the participants were:-the Virzi brothers, the standups, bad attitude, Barre Babes, Black Belts, kickballers, the too hot team, circus tat -team, content creators team, steel moms team, bam team, dad bots team, foxy sisters team, talented trapeze artists team, double bogey brigade team.

Season 2 was released in June this year and in season 3 the participants were:- the family campers, the great genes, the analysts, all the elite wrestling best friends, Latin heat, fitness fanatics, team checkmate, team super troops, LA jitterbugs, team bakers, cruise crew, the mermaids, the unstoppable, the roommates, zipzapzop.

Season 3 was released in September 2022. We all love all three seasons as it was fun to watch the show. Fans are now excited for season 4 already. While there isn’t any confirmation for the same but rumors are that it can release in June 2023. But still, we must wait for an official announcement from the makers. Let’s hope for the best. For more information on lava land season 4 tune in here.