There aren’t any details on what will be about Extraction 3, but the way has been set thanks to the finale of Extraction 2.

Netflix already confirmed Extraction 3 after Extraction 2 had the highest opening weekend of the year.

When it involves Chris HemsworthTyler Raker’s future, the latest Extraction movie news is pretty optimistic – Extraction 3 has been confirmed.

Director Sam Hargrave announced as part of Netflix’s Tudum global event. This comes right after the release of Extraction 2, but Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth have already shown interest in Extraction 3.

Extraction 3
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While we know that Extraction 3 has arrived Netflix, we still need an official release date. If they were already working on a story for the third film, the wait will be short.

However, the current writers’ strike may have an impact on the development of the new film. The first Extraction film, released in April 2020, was followed by the sequel Extraction 2, released on June 16, 2023, even though the third installment will most likely take less time.

Next year is too fast a change, but maybe the third film will arrive in early summer 2025.

The cast of Extraction 3

Extraction 3

The announcement for the third film revealed that Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role as Tyler Rake.

We have not heard the rest about the cast, even though we’d anticipate Golshifteh Farahani to return as Tyler Nik Khan’s partner. However, she will be missing her brother Yaz (played by Adam Bessa), who died in the sequel.

Idris Elba‘s mysterious character, called Alcott, will virtually absolutely return as well, because the final scene indicates that he will play a role in the future of the series.

Another character who may appear in future films is Olga Kurylenko’s Mia, Tyler Rake’s ex-wife, even though, despite Tyler’s help in saving her sister, she seems to want nothing to do with him.

What can we expect from Extraction 3?

Extraction 3

There aren’t any details on what will be about Extraction 3, but the way has been set thanks to the finale of Extraction 2.

At the end of the film, the unidentified character of Idris Elba comes out to make them an offer: if they complete a task for his boss, they will be released from jail. Who could it be, or what mission are they willing to embark on?

In Extraction 3, we learn more about the last task – most likely a tricky extraction, in honor of the title of the saga – that will test Rake’s ability as a soldier. It’s also another chance to bring him and Nik closer together, as we notice that they’ve love potential.

We also anticipate meeting Alcott’s elusive boss and learning if he is an ally or another enemy he is dealing with.

Whatever the premise for Extraction 3, it is sure to continue the franchise’s history of exploring new places in each film. Rake is sent to new regions of the world with each chapter of the Extraction series.

They shot the first film in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the second in Georgia. However, if the producers wanted to change things and challenge expectations, Extraction 3 could have Rake face criminals on his native soil in Australia.