There are only six episodes in the Black Snow series. Still, they provide an intriguing case that touches on issues such as racism, exploitation, abuse, faith, family violence, and the mystery of murder.

The background of the plot is of Australian islands, far from the typical Australian places like the desert or Sydney. Black Snow presents a fresh and innovative mystery, but it is also well done.

As usual, the conclusion raises a few potential issues and sheds light on the narrative points that served more as red herrings than anything.

End Explanation Of Black Ice.

Black Snow
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The following is the explanation of the end of the black snow.

James realizes that the neighborhood police have not made much of an effort to crack the case as the narrative continues. He finds it aggravating that nobody, not even Isabel’s family, is being honest.

He follows clues that lead him to an accident just before Isabel dies. Two small island kids have disappeared. The disappearance of the boys was not reported because of their illegal status, and Ezekiel, who was assigned to them as their protector, died.

Isabel was Ezekiel’s friend, and even though there was talk that they were dating, Isabel was only helping Ezekiel in his search for boys.

We are introduced to Anton, Isabel’s young boyfriend, as the show cuts between the past and the present. While they seemed in love, Anton and Isabel broke up at a party shortly before she died.

In the present, Anton appears to be a troubled man as his father continuously yells at him and beats him like an adolescent. James observes that it’s peculiar but refuses to identify the aggressor when Anton is physically assaulted.

Later, it’s discovered that Hazel is hiding the undeniable fact that Kal, her daughter, is also Anton’s son. Hazel describes how the two grew close after Isabel died, and then it happened.

She never revealed the identity of her father before they separated. She felt guilty. But Anton takes Kal to learn the reality because he knows she is her daughter. As soon as they arrive at the place where the two missing kids were found, James and Hazel follow them there.

It was Anton’s father who killed Isabel. During her inquiry, she found that the rich residents of the city were abusing workers exactly like the two boys and that Anton’s father had kidnapped and killed the boys under the influence of prejudice and a sense of entitlement his

When Isabel noticed this, she had to be stopped instantly. From that time Anton lived under his father’s pocket so that the secret couldn’t be revealed. James takes Anton’s father into custody, forcing Anton to make a decision for the first time in a really long time.

Isabel is given the last funeral so that she can finally rest in peace. Because Richie was able to make contact with his father while he was in jail, the series closes with James hearing from him.