The first seven episodes of Florida Man hinted that Mike and Delly would start trying to find treasures and begin a new life together.

At the end of the Florida man explained: On April 13, 2023, Netflix the first season of Florida Man, a highly anticipated TV series with an intriguing premise about an ex-officer-turned-gamer who embarks on a dangerous journey to his home state of Florida to retrieve the runaway girlfriend of a mob boss, is out his

Built around The Florida Man meme, which took the internet by storm a few years ago, creator Donald Todd taps into the myth with an intriguing and strange narrative of affection and absurdity.

With the rise of the thriller-comedy as a prominent genre, thanks to films like Knives Out and Jojo Rabbit, Florida Man investigated the complexities of criminals and a wild quantity of situations that made Mike Valentine the center of all the absurdity.

After following Delly West across Florida, Mike was finally able to determine that she was trying to find an outstanding treasure that was hidden someplace in the state of Florida.

The conclusion had a number of unforeseen twists and was crammed with lots of information being revealed, in addition to a treasure hunt.

So, continue reading this article till the end to know in detail about the end of Florida Man.

At the end of Florida Man Explained: Who Has The Gold In Florida Man?

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A Spanish ship carrying a chest of golden money sank off the coast of Florida a few centuries ago.

Mike, when he was younger, once discovered a coin hidden inside a fish, and plenty of years later, while attending a support group for problem gamblers, he made the connection between the discovery of the coin and gambling addiction. risk

Gil Franco also belonged to that group. Gil, who was addicted to gambling, simply couldn’t resist the temptation to go after the treasure.

Hoping to help him, he took this chance, and it worked. He discovered gold, but Moss discovered him before he could pay.

He tried to inform the mobster about this, but Moss dismissed it as another gambler’s trick to buy time. So, he killed Gil.

In the end, when Mike confronts Sonny, he admits that he never intended to inform Mike about the gold as he doesn’t want his son to leave.

Mike decides that it isn’t satisfactory, and pleases his father again just when he believes that he and his father might be capable to work things out.

Mike learns that Delly is not the only one who previously recovered the gold after learning that Ray-Ray and Buzz were both killed, and Sonny is currently serving time in jail.

Will Mike And Delly End Up Together In Florida Man?

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The first seven episodes of Florida Man hinted that Mike and Delly would start trying to find treasures and begin a new life together.

This happened primarily because Delly found out that Moss had killed her father. They start looking forward to getting the treasure as she learns that Mike will be capable to help her get it.

However, it looked like Delly was going to betray Mike in the previous episode when she told Moss about the wealth. She also assured Moss that she recognized his devotion to her.

Iris then recorded the exchange between Moss and Delly and gave it to Mike, who became furious. Mike devised a complex strategy that involved an ambush and his arrest.

But during the ambush, something went wrong, and Iris was shot. Mike found out while in jail that his father had the same cell. It is also said that this was not in the original plan.

After Mike got out, he found out that his ex-wife had been shot. He was being stopped by Moss and Delly on his way to the hospital. Mike was forced by Moss to accompany him to the treasure location.

When Moss realized that Mike had lied to him, they got into a heated argument, with Mike seemingly losing to the big man.

Delly, however, intervened in the altercation and shot Moss. This showed Delly’s support for Mike throughout.

Despite choosing his ex-wife over Delly after this argument, Mike managed to find the treasure with the help of his father, who had previously moved the treasure from its original position.

Finally he talked to his sister and found out where the treasure was. Mike finally got on the treasure yacht in the final episode of the series.

Furthermore, he became aware that Delly had been present some time ago. After discovering the treasures, which turned out to be just as fantastic as he imagined, he had a brief glimpse of Delly, who gave him the impression that they would start a new life together.

Netflix is ​​now offering streaming access to all episodes of the show Florida Man.