Kathyrn Dennis recently confirmed her exit from Southern charm. We have seen many celebrities leave certain roles or the characters they were once known for.

However, leaving it’s not a simple option for them as they’ve given their blood, sweat, and tears for such shows. When one talks about something like this then 2023 has become such a year where many celebrities are leaving shows that are giving fans a shock.

Among them is the southern charm celebrity called Kathyrn Dennis. She is prepared to start her new chapter but without going with Southern Charm. The 31-year-old called this ride an incredible ride or a wild ride while recalling the adventure. It was on Wednesday when the official news related to the exit arrived.

She continued her words saying:

“Can you believe I was 21 when I started filming ‘Southern Charm’, back in its first season? That was in 2013, and in the following ten years, it is safe to say that my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined.”

It was not just a year or a month journey but a long year where she felt lucky to join the truth cameras. The reality star has all the time stuck by her fans as they watched her grow up. Whether it’s related to building her friendship or becoming an incredible mother of two kids, everything was all the time there in front of the cameras.

Here’s What Kathyrn Dennis Had to Say About Southern Charm’s Departure

Kathyrn Dennis
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Kathyrn Dennis said how she will miss the show and carry the love of the fans by entering a new chapter of life. The love she received from the fans was absolutely an incredible strength and made her realize that she was grateful.

The speculation started when Kathyrn Dennis didn’t appear to join last season’s casting trip. She also did not get much screen time until the time of the reunion. Because of all this stuff the fans started to speculate about whether it’s the end of a journey in Southern Charm.

Apart from being an incredible actress, she is also remarkably an incredible person. She treats everybody as her own but at the same time, she cannot stand someone who is getting much more attention than her.