Why Did Padme Die??

Padme Amidala Nberrie is an important character in Star Wars. Natalie Portman portrays the character in The Phantom Menace. She first appears in The Phantom Menace as Queen of Naboo. Later, she becomes a senator in Galactic Senate. Anakin Skywalker was her secretly married, and she is the mother to Luke Skywalker (and Leia Organa).

In Episode 3 of Revenge of the Sith, Padme died. This was a significant moment in the portrayal of Padme. Anakin was driven to the dark side by fear of losing Padme, which eventually led him to become Darth Vader. While there is a clear reason for Padme’s passing, many other causes have been suggested.

How did Padme die?

Different Causes of Padme’s Death

Death By A Broken Heart

Why Did Padme Die??

According to Canonical, Padme’s death was caused by a broken heart and she lost her will. Anakin Force choked Padme just before she was about to give birth. He believed she had sided with ObiWan to murder him. Even though he let go of her in a few seconds it would continue to worsen her condition. Anakin’s actions shocked Padme to her core, and left her with a broken heart. She may also have been suffering from depression. Padme could have died from a broken heart because she was weak and her depression added to it.

This would indicate that Padme’s suicide was caused by emotional reasons. We know that she was not a weak-minded person. She was strong-willed and a senator and queen, and her clever tactics were what allowed her to escape the Geonosis arena alive.

It is also worth noting that she just gave birth to Luke, and Leia. Anakin’s actions would have made her very strong-minded. She wouldn’t have left Luke and Leia to her own devices. Padme stated that Anakin was still good to her.

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Although she wasn’t sure if Anakin was still alive, her belief in Anakin would have been her fighting spirit to continue to fight for Anakin’s return to the light side. Padme would have fought for her life if Anakin had died.

Although it is canonically the cause of her death, a broken heart wouldn’t be the only reason.

Anakin’s Force Choke

Why Did Padme Die??

Captain Typho, Padme’s main guard, was a passionate lover who remained close to her even after her death. He would later discover what had caused her death. He has access to restricted autopsies, reports and other information. All agree that Padme died from some form of strangulation. This caused severe damage to her trachea and larynx, and also fractured the hyoid bones.

It was a surprise to discover that her throat was unaffected by external trauma. This could have been a sign that she was not being strangled. External trauma was not indicated by any bruises or marks on the hands.

Typho eventually realizes that Anakin is most likely the one responsible for Padme’s death by using Force Choke. Typho, with this information, would set out to take revenge on Padme and confront Anakin, now Darth Vader. However, Vader would kill Typho.

Palpatine Killed Padme

Why Did Padme Die??

One theory that Palpatine caused Padme’s death is well-respected. Palpatine/Sidious is believed to have drew upon Padme’s life force while giving strength and power to Anakin, who then becomes Darth Vader. This theory is supported by the exciting evidence that Padme and Vader breathe in sync. Padme takes her first breath while Vader struggles to take her last.

Padme is brought to the Polis Massa medical ward and is treated by medical droids. We must remember that droids don’t understand the Force. They can’t feel or interact with Force. The exact words of this droid were:

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We are losing her for reasons we don’t understand. OBI-WAN: “She is dying?” DROID: “We don’t know why. She has lost her will to live. If we want to save the babies, we need to act quickly.

This interaction shows that Palpatine’s Force was acting on her. However, the droids couldn’t understand what caused her death.

What could Palpatine do to Padme when she was all the way in Polis Massa

Why Did Padme Die??

Palpatine admitted that he learned everything from Darth Plagueis and was able to kill him when there was nothing else. He was able to save lives and create new life. Palpatine felt something was wrong with Anakin, even as he was fighting Yoda. The Emperor is at his most powerful and the dark side is stronger. He would have been fully capable of siphoning the Living Force from Padme on Polis Massa and bringing it to Anakin. This would have made him Darth Vader.

Darth Vader emerges from the painful and exhausting ordeal he endured, and the first thing that he asks is about Padme. He could feel Padme in the Force and was awake, not asleep during the procedure. He couldn’t feel her after the procedure was finished. The conversation that followed was:

PALPATINE: Lord Vader, can I hear you?” VADER: Yes master. Padme, where are you? Is she okay? Is she okay? I FELT IT, she was ALIVE.

“Palpatine smiles knowingly”

This is the strongest evidence that Darth Vader was reborn through the infusion of the Living Force from Padme via Palpatine’s dark art. It is not just coincidence that she died at the same time as the procedure ended.

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