Why did Snape and Lily have the same patronus?

Severus Snape (the villain of Harry Potter) has the same Patronus that Harry’s mother Lily. What is the real reason Snape and Lily had the same Patronus?

Let’s start with what is Patronus?

Patronus spells are used to defend. This magic produces a bright light that appears in the form animals such as deer and owls, geese, cats and mice.

Patronus serves two main functions. Patronus’ first function is to repel evil creatures such as Dementors. The second function is to transmit a message. We can see this in Kingsley’s example when he sent a Patronus for Bill Weasley’s wedding to warn him that the ministry was at risk.

Harry Potter reveals that Snape, Lily, and the same Patronus (a deer) are one in the same. It is the same as Harry’s Patronus and James’.

What is it that Snape and Lily share the same Patronus? Is there some sort of connection between them?

Snape’s love for Lily

Why did Snape and Lily have the same patronus?

Snape and Lily share the same Patronus because Snape is in love with Lily. Snape can feel guilt and grief after Lily passes away, which can lead to his Patronus becoming the same as Lily.

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Patronus is a symbol of someone’s innermost or hope. Snape’s intense love for Lily can cause his mind to be filled with her memories. Snape’s life is filled with Lily, even though he is young. His dreams, his hopes, love, laughter, and all aspects of his life are connected to Lily’s existence. Therefore, his Patronus is deer or doe just like Lily.

To cast a Patronus one must do two things: Say the spell Expecto Patronum while thinking about the best moment in their lives. This could affect the Patronus’ appearance. Snape’s Patronus is most likely to be with Lily when he is at his best.

We can therefore say that Snape’s Patronus is more about his love and admiration for Lily than his personality. This explains why Snape is and Lily share the same Patronus.

Harry, James, Lily and James have the personality and traits that a deer would possess. They stick to their beliefs and fight for their ideals and are great morals.

Another example

Why did Snape and Lily have the same patronus?

Snape’s story isn’t the only one. Another example of how love can transform someone’s Patronus is here.

Nymphadora Tonks is the same. Her Patronus was a Jackrabbit. Harry sees her Patronus once as a silvery four legged animal. However, Harry later discovers that it is a wolf with brownish eyes. This makes Harry think of her lover Remus Lupin, whose hair is the same color.

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This theory is also applicable to Hermione Granger, whose Patronus was an Otter. She eventually marries Ron Weasley because otters as well as weasels are part of the same mammal species.

James and Lily, who love one another dearly, have the same Patronus, which is a deer as Harry’s.

Snape and Lily’s Relationship

Why did Snape and Lily have the same patronus?

How is Snape and Lily actually related?

Since their childhoods, Severus Snape has been close to Lily Evans. Snape had a crush on Lily from childhood until they got into Hogwarts. Snape is still dedicated to Lily, and he continues to love and be loyal to her even though Lily rejects Snape and moves on to James Potter.

Snape is devastated when he discovers that he can’t save Lily from Voldemort. He tries to save Harry, Lily’s son, in return.

This explains why Snape is so passionate about Lily and why they share the same Patronus.

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